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What is missing on the iPad 3 in the IOS 6 Update

There were two features i was looking forward to on the new IOS update which are included for the iPhone but not the iPad and thats a shame.. It’s interesting these were omitted and it does make me wonder if the release was put out a bit earlier than maybe it should be with the impending Windows Mobile 8 release and the updates to Android..

Panoramic Camera

I love taking Panoramic Photos and have a couple of apps for the iPad to do this however was happy when Apple announced this feature would be built into the Camera of IOS6.



While NFC isn’t taking off as quickly as it could be Apple getting this in All devices would have been a no brainer backed up in icloud and available on OSX and IOS6 Devices. However it turns out Apple disagree and at the moment this is an iPhone only feature.


Apple are not known for giving you choice it’s their way of not at all and i’m sure boh of these features will materialise much like a better maps app over the next few updates. Its just a strange choice not to do it from the get go on both devices.


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