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How Apple is so profitable


Apple pretty much have more money than most countries, they rake in an obscene amount of cash each month, they take a 30% cut of AppStore purchases.. They recycle their lines yearly to a devoted audience. This by anyone’s reckoning is a. Good business model..

However it’s when you peel back the gloss you realise that the apple of yesterday, the hippies in California have long gone and this is business pure and simple.


I’ve recently gone 100% iWork on my iPad and wanted to reinstall the purchased copy of iWork onto my mac to get the whole iCloud sync thing working. I like the idea of this it works for my workflow. I bought iWork a while back and install is simple. Download the trial version off the Apple website and enter my purchased serial number during install and I’m done..

Turns out this doesn’t work any more…


So I head over to the AppStore and there are separate downloads for Keynote, Numbers and Pages ant £13.99 each however I don’t see a place to put my serial number as I have already paid for this..

So my two options right now are

1. Buy the three packages again
2. Download a hooky copy off torrents

With apple pushing the AppStore on OSX hard this wont be the only example I am sure of people needing to repurchase something they have already bought. A simple fix would be on the above iWork web page have the ability to enter your serial and get a redeem code mailed to you. However making more cash suits Apple better I guess. They can afford to loose a few customers here and there..


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