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Which Phone?

It’s that time of the year when the next gen of smart phones are all starting to pup up, we’ve had the Android Samsung Galaxy S3 with Jelly Bean in the red corner and Apple’s iPhone 5 in the blue corner. The Thing about squares is there are two more corners. In the Yellow corner is the Nokia Lumia 920 running Windows Mobile 8 and over there in the Black corner is the Potential some time next year of RIM  maybe releasing some update to Blackberry which they are making a song and dance about.. So what do we do?

Well the big players are the Android and IOS devices.. Huge market share the accepted standards on smart phone these two phones have been the top of class for a very long time. Both of these Operating Systems offer a solid interface, backing from big players and huge App Stores.

IOS is the creator of this Market, it didn’t invent it it however it did turn what Palm and Microsoft’s Windows CE created into a consumer device. Coining the phrase App Store and with IOS6 and the iPhone 5 the device is coming into the world of the larger screen slimmer device. The iPhone is arguably a the leading device with nearly 5Million devices sold in the first weekend alone.

On the flip side Android has been around just a little less time but moved on in leaps and bounds with the latest Jelly Bean (4.1) instalment of the software of the software is not only offering competitive IOS features which are seen by many as needed to break into the IOS market but Google own brand of Social and Mobile features like Google Now and a Speech engine looking to rival Apples (with a long way to go yet to match Apples Diction system)

And this is what we have right now at the top of the Smart phone tree two devices which are embedded into the consumer psyche and have brand names which non geeks know and understand.

However when you get established players those early heady days of innovation and change slow down very rapidly as wholesale changes are difficult to implement for fear of alienating larger customers and large user bases. Which is why new blood can appear and if done well shake up the market sector just the same way the iPhone did all those years ago.

It’s not without reason that Apple and Samsung went to court recently, both Android and IOS have had success and one reason is both devices look very similar and in some areas are melding into one and other.

So it’s interesting that the once big player in the PDA market Microsoft is the one entering with Windows Phone 8 and potentially shaking the market up.

With both HTC and Nokia both going down the non Black iPhone looking route which many Android phones seem to have taken they are offering colourful big screen, multi-processor devices running a phone operating system which looks as different from the iPhone as possible. This has happened for a reason, not looking like the iPhone’s IOS interface stops you being taken to court by Apple. This is the same tact RIM the other large player are taking with Blackberry X. A huge leap forward from the dour 90’s looking interface which adorns its current range of phones.

Both Microsoft and RIM are big players in the IT world and have pedigree and history in the phone market. While RIM might be leaving it just a little too late with Blackberry X, Microsoft have timed the launch of WP8 to perfection especially in the UK with the exclusivity deal of the Nokia 820 and 920 on the EE 4G network.

Choosing which of these phones do you choose?

Well thats going to depend on on what you are looking for on a phone, if its Apps and conformity then maybe the iPhone, if its a more wobbly OS which isn’t as locked down and still the great selection of Apps then maybe the Android. If its all about the Mail and business then the Blackberry X might be a wait and if its living on the edge than maybe the Nokia or HTC running WMP8. the point is for more than there has been in a while there is a choice.


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