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Which interfaces in a perfect world


I have been wondering about interfaces today, not operating systems, GUIs just interfaces the way we communicate with our it kit. I was wondering which of the current crop of interfaces work best where..


Windows Mobile phone 8 is a very strong contender here however without seeing it its a suggestion based on look alone. The larger tiled interface and ability to resize the information and highlight as needed seems to work well if the previous incarnation is anything to go by.


I have to go with Ubuntu Unity here, having used it on an intel touch screen tablet it honestly becomes nightly intuitive very quickly when using a finger for a pointer device. I believe this is where Canonical are heading with this realising that win8 might even in enterprise disappoint more than we realise..


While win7 is the obvious choice I set you a task, give a person who has not used a pc and is older than 10 a mouse and a copy of windows and watch.. It’s amazing to see just how unintuitive windows is. For many of us who grew up with it we learn via rote how to use it. I’m open to suggestions here however I’m going out on a limb here and I’m going to say the command prompt.. Think about it.. Type in the program name and the program runs how hard is that? Open to a better suggestion here however this may go to some way of explaining just why the os vendors are investing in touch interfaces.


As a user of XBMC I do wonder why someone like google or Apple has not picked this project up. Why reinvent the wheel? It works well, is well supported and open..

What do you think?


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