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What Siri need to learn are Languages


Last night I finally gave Siri on IOS6 a good going over and was quite surprised considering how US centric most of the demos I have seen are just how much her rather manly sounding UK cousin can do..

However there was one glaringly obvious thing Siri couldn’t do which it is actually perfectly placed for..

So far on this blog post I have not touched the virtual keyboard within the IOS WordPress app, I have dictated this post using Apples voice to text feature, which if you keep at a clear concise and almost human sounding speed the iPad does one of the best jobs ever of text to speech. No obvious spelling errors so far.

This is in direct opposite to Googles speech to text on the Android platform which even on the flagship tablet the Asus Nvidia T3 Transformer running Jelly Bean and all updates is a lot more hit and miss than IOS.

However this post isn’t about google bashing because what they lack in speech to text, no one an match them in language translation. Google translate is excellent, not only does it translate western alphabet languages well, it gives western to Asian a really good go, and does great text to speech within the app/webpage.

It’s at this point you should see where I am going with this, Siri needs to get Apple to bury any misplaced hatchet with Google Labs and go to Language school. Apple need to be providing google with huge amounts of feedback data and Google need to hand over an API. Siri has the potential for becoming the first universal translator.

When I say need I really do mean it, this is one of those tech things above the normal Silicon Valley bickering, this is universally worthwhile. So as I stop freaking out the other train passengers by dictating this post.. Have a think, do we believe this could happen?


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