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It’s time to stop being down on Apple Maps, there is no point..

Weeks after the release of IOS6 the Tech press is still having a field day about Apple Maps, and Apple vs Google over Maps, and MAps has improved, and maps this and maps that..

Pointless and here is why..

Remember when the iPod was released…

It was a clunky beast, with a terrible design, hard disk, Mac only software, the world was in disarray how would the windows users get their media on this new Music player?

Time went by and iTunes spread to Windows, the hard disk was swapped for solid storage and we have the wonderful products we have today potentially nothing else comes close to the iPod and other huge industry names Creative, iRiver and many others have passed by the wayside.

When the popular press was negative Apple got it right.  and now it’s a moot subject the iPod is THE music player..

Remember when the iPhone was released…

Sure it had a touch screen and was indeed revolutionary but it wasn’t to far after the launch that the tech media started laying the boot in about “apps” or lack of them because they didn’t exist everything was to be Web based, Apple learnt very quickly however that they needed Apps and the App Store was launched.

Then there was Antennagate which the tech press got its teeth into and ripped Apple a new one, time passed the problem was fixed Apple sold phones..

Remember when the iPad was Released

No camera, slow processor, over heating again it wasn’t long before the tech press was moaning about poor battery life, yellow glue in the corners of screens, updates came and battery life got worse and again, updates come out and the problems went away…

So what’s the point here?

Very few companies get it right first time with new products, Google more than most gets away with it because it has the “beta” tag slapped all over most of its products however Maps wasn’t that great when it was first launched and had most of the issues Apple Maps is seeing now. After a time the maps got better, Street view cam, and had lots of bugs and problems, they were ironed out.

If Google don’t have an IOS app, that is their choice, and they are making it for the wrong reasons, it’s a vain attempt to make Android more attractive to people with contracts to renew. the honest truth is however Apple Maps will get better, it was never going to be launch perfect it is a huge undertaking. Google will launch an App for IOS for its maps product…or they will improve their IOS Safari Web experience..

Mark my words, Apple have not failed anyone, IOS6 has been a huge install success   the iPhone 5 is selling by the truck load and in a few months we will be writing just how much Maps has improved..

The point to all this is a simple one… Its a tempest in a teacup, we have seen it all before and we will see it all again..

And for the record, Apple Maps works great in London..


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