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Why wired broadband is becoming irrelevant..

Do you have a telephone at home? Who calls you on it? Are you there when it rings or like most of the population are you at work, or asleep for  17 hrs a day so can’t answer it..

The land line telephone is a relic which just won’t let go of its past and move to the future.

The problem is the landline is a link to the past used by people from the past because like most of us when we get old, we need to cling onto what we know. That isn’t a criticism  i’m just willing to bet that its peoples parents who call them on the land line or telemarketing companies. The Landline is a bit like the postal service, when was the last time you got something really nice you didn’t order from Amazon via the postal service? Its there to get Bills and Junk Mail to you, anything worth reading comes in via email or over social media. These two services are ones which just won’t die now, it’s going to take a couple of generations before they do.

Broadband Internet is just the same…

Broadband internet exists to keep BT in money, its a double whammy for them. I’m going to have tow rite this from the perspective of the UK because thats where I am.

If you use one of the many ISP’s in the UK they offer broad band at unlimited download and up to 8mb for £20 a month give or take. For most of them however there is an additional cost, you could call it a tax because you need a BT phone line to get the ADSL service, BT don’t provide a cheap broadband only no calls service so you end up going for the £17 a month or equivalent cheapest deal to get a BT line into the house (yes i know there is Virgin as an alternative, however its not everywhere and they have their own version of this because you are still paying for cable rental) this is much like a Tax because essentially BT can fix the price and call it a revenue stream. On top of this most ISP’s are Virtual ISP’s (vISP) so all they are doing is sitting on-top of BT’s network, using BT Openreach for service provision so part of that £20 a month deal for broadband is also going into BT’s pocket.

Broadband however is much akin to the Telephone when it comes to usage for a lot of homes, if i pay £20 a month for my up-to 8mb unlimited broadband package i’m up at 7am, out the door by 8am, at work and not back home till 7pm, if i go to bed at 11pm, excluding eating i’m getting about 4hrs a day out of my broadband connection. at the most each week i’m getting  from a possible 672 hrs in a 4 week month 144hrs  of internet usage..

To top the lack of use for your home broadband, many suppliers put data throttling on at peak times so we all get a fair bite at the cherry. So you’re probably not going to get the best speeds.

With an average of 3mb data speed that upto 8mb has been misadvertising to such a high degree only topped by the complete mis understanding the telecoms industry has with the word unlimited..

This however i believe within the next 5 years is going to dramatically change and there are multiple factors effecting this change.

The consumer IT industry is in a period of huge change and it’s going to change the IT industry and the way we access the internet.

There is a huge push for Mobile communications every major OS vendor is pushing phone, desktop and Tablet OS’s and the Tablet is seen as the next IT paradigm shift and from a consumer perspective it is un connecting the user from internet at home and on wifi and pushing it out to the mobile networks. the mobile networks are in turn responding with huge investment in LTE happening in the UK and promises of 20 to 40 mb mobile speeds in London this year.

With potential speeds  on your mobile device 4 times faster than your home broadband and the inevitable price war going to ensue when O2, Vodaphone and 3 get the licences EE already has you are not going to need a broadband connection at home, you will be using the one on your mobile.

It was pointed out that the smart TV in your living room is going to need a broadband connection to work, the smart TV in your living room is dead already, Airview is an example of how you are going to watch that smart TV moving forward, your tablet is going to second screen stream to the TV.. but thats another post.

The tide is changing, and while mobile technology will not kill broadband over night, mark my words in 5 years time, broadband will be an after thought of geeks and gamers..



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