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64Gb of Wifi Hard Disk let down by lack of forethought

As the owner of a 16Gb iPad 3 and a Samsung Galaxy S, there are times when I wish my device has just a little bit more storage. When we go on holiday, lon road trips and the like.. During these times i’d like to put a few movies of my choice and a lot more music on my device as i know connectivity is going to be at a premium and it’s better to have too much than not enough..

The answer to this issue would appear to be the Kingston Wi-Drive

Lets start off with the positives for the is device..

The concept is simple, rather than needing a usb cable to attach to the data on the 64Gb SSD on the device, the device comes with essentially a webserver built in which can be accessed via a browser or an IOS/Android App. for the sake of speed you can also attach a USB cable, same type you’ll find on most modern mobile phones which essentially charges the device or acts as a speedier way of getting data onto the device.

It’s as quick and as quiet as you’d expect a SSD device to be with no moving parts the battery life is a realistic 6 to 7 hrs of constant streaming from the device.

The Apps differ a little bit however basically you can play MKV files and most common video formats on both of them and MP3 music as well.

The one thing however which pushes this device specifically out infront of the competition is its passthrough Wifi system, so while your device is attached and obtaining data from the Wi-Drive it can’t be attached to the wifi hotspot at home or wherever you are and using the internet. The WiDrive however WILL attach to that Wifi and pass the data through the drive to your device. So you can listen to music and surf the Web. This is a nice touch.

What’s not so good?

Well the hardware and battery life are fine and I was able to play videos on the iPad 3 no issues what so ever, however music well not so good. Every time i tried to play music the IOS App crashed. There also didn’t seem to be a bild your own playlist or random playlist option on the app which is a huge short coming and basically means you are playing albums.

A quick hop over to the Kingston Wi-Drive support site provided me with a very unfortunate piece of information which needs to be front and centre..

This is unfortunate for a couple of reasons the first being when i logged a ticket to ask when this might be fixed seeing as how it has been 2 months+ since the release of IOS6 i’ve had no reply in 3 weeks. Either the website doesn’t mail the support team or Kingston don’t care. the second thing, which does irk me the most is apple charge $99 to be an IOS developer. So what Kingston are telling me is they couldn’t be bothered to spend $99 and a few weeks to get an IOS6 compatible App out there. One of the worlds largest storage device vendors can’t be bothered to download the beta of IOS 6 onto an iPad/iPhone and get this working from a few days after launch data? that tells me so much.

To make it worse they do not on the homepage tell me that there are IOS 6 issues, nope, i have to dig around the site to find that, no date for an update (probably won’t be one) and for that I can’t recommend this device to IOS Hardware users.. (I wonder if Kingston know just how many people installed IOS6? It’s not the XP to Vista upgrade we are talking about)


Great idea, great concept, the pass through of the wifi signal is a great idea.. the IOS6 support however lets both Kingston and this Device down i’m afraid..



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