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OnSwipe, Turn your site into an iPad compatible one


What a simple idea, but then the best ones always are, nothing sexy to see here just turn your website, blog, social media into an iPad compatible website.. for Free..

That is it, well from your perspective anyway, the site is free to use, and in setitng up your account you point to an RSS feed for the content be that your Webpage, or one of the supported platforms

or even a combination of all of these to create an eclectic site should that be what you are after.

Once the account is setup, you’ll be provided with an<loginid&gt; sytle webpage which when opened on the iPad looks amazing. That look and feel can be altered as there are about 10 themes available on the site which you can add your own Logo’s, fonts and such too. You can also put up your own custom domain as I did ipad.

There are also code snippets which you can add to your existing site (like which will ensure when you load that site on an iPad you get the onswipe experience. has a similar idea however do a nicer job of it.

Considering that you can do this, in less than 5 minutes for no cost at all, for any iPad owner with online content over multiple sites or just on one and wish to do iPad delivery this is worth looking into.

Great idea, well executed and the CEO replies to emails..  Nice.



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