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Are Microsoft betting the farm on the Keyboard?

With the release of the Windows 8 Operating system this week having watched the presentations and read the blogs one thing is very apparent. Microsoft are betting the immediate farm on the keyboard and what it stands for.

Microsoft themselves acknowledged they are coming late into the post PC device market with the Surface tablet and it shows, the pricing for the device is too high and even though Microsoft are pitching this as a Windows 8 tablet it is very obvious that this is not actually a tablet it is a netbook.

And it is hard to criticize Microsoft for this approach when you look at the market as the current largest selling range of Android Tablets are the Asus Transformer range which are again netbooks which you can also use as tablets and the keyboard on the devices is seen as a huge selling point. Even on the iPad the largest selling addon for the ipad as a group are keyboards followed by stylus.

Microsoft seen to understand that for this generation of tablets going out and out Tablet only is a risky thing to do if you want to sell a content creation not a content consumption device. Right now the consumer market is in transition and needs transition devices which is why Microsoft have bet the farm on the keyboard.

Its lagging so far behind with the post PC device hardware and in doinso may have actually done itself a favour because its none IOS/Android looking interface while technically a bag of cats is something which makes it stand out and look different from the crowd and that is never a bda thing..

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