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All change at Apple..

Just been reading on GigaOm that it’s been all change at Apple in the last few days and while i’m sure the departure of Scott Forstall will be debated long and hard it’s another paragraph in this article which I’m hoping could bring new light to an old dog..

There is a sense of excitement around Jony Ive taking over as head of the newly created human interface group. The reason for the excitement: hope for a new design direction for many software products. Most think Eddy Cue taking over Siri and Maps is a smart and natural thing to do.

For a long time now Apple have been going down a rather strange path for a company famed for the standardization of the graphical interface the OSX interface is famed for its guidelines being so stringent as to be anal however it meant that the Apps were all uniform and to quote Steve Jobs “quite beautiful”.

IOS however is another kettle of fish and Apple have been using this rather strange need to use skeuomorphic interfaces stitching, felt and faux leather abound and it looks awful. Android for all its “faults” have done what Apple used to do on OSX and got stringent with its interface and programming look and feel guidelines.

Mr Ive has been very vocal about his dislike of this bitty design, and as a man known for hs OCD when it comes to the hardware there is a huge amount of hope that he can put that to work on changing the look and feel of IOS and a facelife is well deserved of the OS..

Time of course will tell however there is hope.


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