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10 things I have done in my life…


I’m 40 tomorrow and I was thinking if I could list 10 things which stand out in my life and I’ve come up with this, there is no order other than being no order..

Holding a baby tiger

Pae and I were at a safari park in Thailand and there was a woman feeding a tiger cub a bottle of milk. She asked if I would like to feed the cub. Well yes.. Feisty little bugger was thirsty but as soft as silk.. Amazing..

Shooting a rifle

You might think this is a strange thing to list, it was when I was a member of the Air Cadets, we got to shoot a .22 rifle and it was at that point I knew I never wanted to fire a weapon ever again. It was a very strong feeling

My first hangover

I was a late bloomer being a bit of a geek, however I went with my grandad and uncle at 16(ish) to help another uncle move back from Germany.. That weekend I learnt that I couldn’t drink litres of lager and keep them down and that was the first hangover I remember.. Evidently that evening I almost peed on my grandad as well..

My first computer

My mum didn’t have much cash growing up, so I was a huge Lego fan.. However at about 15 we got a second hand ZX spectrum.. Epic.. I had so much fun learning basic on that thing..

The day I got married

Best day of my life, period. I honestly never thought I would tie the knot, and I know it was a lucky day because just before we sat in front of the monks a bird poo,ed on me.. Never happened before or after..

The day I nearly died

10 years ago I went out for a few birthday beers with some mates in Bangkok, the night ended poorly with me being robbed in a taxi, lost walking home and finally thought I’d found my way home.. Only to cross over a Bangkok canal where there was no bridge because I was not where I thought I was.. I woke up “swimming” in the canal with Pae screaming at me to wake up… Very very lucky… Google Bangkok klong … A dr said a week later “most people don’t live past 12 hrs when that happens”..

The last day of school

Scariest day ever, finished school exams over that routine finished… Had no clue what to do..

My panda

When I was growing up I had a Panda for a teddy bear, for years, I’m sure it’s gone into a car boot sale or a plastic bag somewhere but I loved that panda..

Holidays in Folkestone

I remember meeting my grandma as a young kid at a station in London, knowing I wasn’t going to be with mum and dad but still safe.. I remember the train journey down to the coast, and arriving at my grandparents house.. And going to the Warren and the amusements.. And I remember one time taking the ferry to France must have been 6 or 7 my grandad was an engineer on the ferry and I got to steer the boat (I didn’t but the guy said I was)

Going to India..

Left a good job, nice flat and great friends to take a year out and travel the world,. I was so scared wondering what the hell was I doing sitting having just left my mum and sister at Heathrow.. No plan, little cash.. Turned out to be 6 years and the best thing I ever did,,

Hopefully the next 40 years will be the new memories..



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