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Ubuntu on the iMac.. Not so good

Having been running Ubuntu 12.10 on my Macbook pro and due to a catastrophic OSX failure I thought i’d install it on my Work 2010 iMac. Big Big mistake.

The install itself wasn’t so bad the usual 7 step install however after the first boot the screen went back and i had to hard reboot the system. Having elected to encrypt the drive a feature I love as it is built into the install on 12.10 I entered the password and did get a login prompt. Performed an update and a reboot same black screen. Hard reboot again sorted the problem.

Attaching the second display on the unit  caused even more problems as a hard or soft reboot caused the screen to turn bacl, the device to lock up or only displaying Ubuntu on the second screen.

Post update the Mac would lockup and hand when i could get it to work by hard booting then attaching the 2nd display post boot.

I was wondering if there was a hardware issue however turns out Ubuntu 12.04 on the same device works flawlessly so I’m going to suggest this again is a shoddy Ubuntu release..


2 comments on “Ubuntu on the iMac.. Not so good

  1. Austin
    March 3, 2013

    You need to install the proprietary drivers for your graphics processing unit.

    • projectzme
      March 3, 2013

      When I download a distro with the MacBook specific version I expect it to have all the right drivers…

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