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The three wise platforms..

The busiest period of the year for consumer technology purchases is reaching us quickly December is Thanksgiving and Christmas and January Sales time  Cash is going to be spent and the smartphone market is a huge slice of that cash which will be spent.

Following a week of announcements what state is this market segment in?


The current grandfather of this new breed of smartphones is not just about the phone, its all about the ecosystem Apple provides the user. Known for its good looks and with the iPhone 5 release Apple has put out a solid albeit plastic feeling phone. The extra screen real estate is being migrated and used daily by more applications via updates.

For many Apple’s IOS is to phones what Microsoft’s Windows is to the Desktop, it IS the smartphone OS. while this has given Apple some HUGE sales figures Apple are now playing catchup in innovation areas such as screen size, NFC and several other key areas.

Even however with that in mind Apple is the device world wide to aspire to and while the release of devices like the iPad Mini may cut into the smartphones market this holiday season I don’t see sales slipping right now.

What of the future? Well interestingly the reshuffle at Apple could see a possible complete refresh of the IOS interface, less of the textures and more of the interface.


According to the blogs of late 4 out of every mobile devices sold has Google’s Android on it, this is hardly surprising as Apple, Google’s biggest competitor works on higher margins on their products than google. Where android is “winning” the numbers game is the diversity of devices from the cheap chinese knock off’s up to the big name brands.

If you are buying an Android smartphone right now you’d be best placed to looking only at phones with version 4.0 or 4.2 on it. Check if the phone is upgradeable. The best bet right now is either the stock Google Nexus device or a Samsung Galaxy SIII.

Android is still seen by many as the cheaper alternative to the iPhone, and a phone OS for geeks however as an infrastructure Google are starting to get their act together.

The future brings potentially good things for Google’s Mobile platform as it moves hard and fast into owning the 7″ tablet market and starts to chip at the smart tv market. Google is building a system not just an operating system. Time however will tell just what will happen.

Windows Phone 8

This shopping seasons new kid on the block having been released only a week ago and with no actual phones on sale (in the UK at least) is a bit of an enigma. The OS shows lots of promise however both Microsoft and its inital phone providers Nokia and HTC are all betting the farm on this release of Smartphone OS.

Microsoft bit the hand that fed it with the previous release 7 of the phone OS when it made a decision to to have the phones upgradeable to version 8 of the OS.

The interface is as opposite to the IOS/Android icons in rows and columns as it available right now which may in the long term be Microsoft’s saving grace. From what we have seen there are some interesting innovations on the phone which is however lacking some big name apps at the moment which might stop some people trying the device out.

The future has the potential of being big for this phone as it’s the only one of the 3 which is infrastructure ready out of the box and therefore more viable in the business workplace than the other two devices.


Apple is going to sel a lot of iPhones, as are Samsung going to seel many SIII devices, other android phones its a bit hit and miss and review reading needs to be done. Microsoft if it can get Nokia and HTC shipping phones ASAP has a chance with some good popular press reviews get tread if played right.

What is different this year compared to many is each platform has a flagship phone which is equal in many ways to the others and that in turn is providing consumers with some choice.


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