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Windows Phone 8 Apps

While it is a fact that the Windows Phone 8 App store has only a single digit percentage of those in the IOS and Android app stores quantity doesn’t always mean quality and there are some good and great apps in the Microsoft App store for the new Windows 8 phone. With an existing Windows 7 catalog in the most part working very well on the devices i’d like to share the apps in the last week I’ve added to my phone

BBC News Mobile

While the BBC iPlayer isn’t currently available on the phone the official news app posts breaking news alerts on the lock screen and integrates with the whole look and feel of the app. It is about as simple as it gets when it comes to interface. The news comes straight from the BBC news site.


While i don’t use Tumblr as much as I used to/should do I do remember the pretty poor selection of Android apps which were available. Again unlike Android and IOS, Microsoft seem to have a strict set of guidelines on interface design which makes this app far better than anything i’ve ever used on iPhone or Android devices.

Posting, reblogging and uploading is quick and simple and the interface updates very quickly.

Buses Due

Nothing worse than being stuck waiting for a bus and not knowing if/when the thing will turn up. This app I’ve only used in London however its really simple  on launch it uses the GPS on the phone to locate you on a map, a second or so later all the buses with arrival times are displayed. The times have been pretty accurate and I’m guessing the data is coming from the TFL bus tracking system via an API. Either way its good to know if you are going to be standing around for 5 or 50 minutes on a cold windy winter night.

Flud News

As a news junkie I am a huge Google Reader user as a central location for the RSS feeds I like to follow, with over 2000 feeds i need a good well thought out reader to view them. Flud pulls in a Flud stream of news, Google Reader, the usual social sources and has it’s own selection of news feeds as well.

The app is very quick at pulling in the data and while this isn’t the perfect news reader it is the best i’ve found so far for presenting a huge number of feeds very quickly.


I’ve fallen in love with this app on the iPad 3 with its wonderful display mechinism, I don’t link it to Google reader I use the inbuilt news feeds as an alternative news source. This app links to a central Facebook account so the feeds are consistent between multiple devices. I’m so glad this app is on the phone as it makes long journeys much more informative.


This is another App i was so happy to see on the device as i’ve invested a lot of time in making sure my passwords are random and managed using this app. While it doesn’t have the javascriptlets it does on the iPad it does at least allow me to quickly get access to my passwords on the phone over an encrypted platform.

London Travel Live

Living in London, having a live tile on the phone which i can quickly and easily see what tube lines are or are not working is a godsend. Espcially at the week end. This app links to live data on the TFL site and can journey plan and  work out where you are and just where the nearest tube stations are..

Nokia Maps

Having used Nokia Maps and Apple Maps side by side I’m wondering just how Apple got it so wrong, the underlying technology is pretty much the same and it comes as no surprise Nokia are trying to get this platform on as many devices and ecosystems as possible. This is officially the best alternative to Google maps out there. Its quick (well it was used over 4G) and seems to use a small amount of data.


With spotify floundering around in WP8 purgatory and an app possibly being released in Q1 2013 users of WP8 devices are leaving it in numbers. Rdio is a strong alternative with apps on all major platforms the cost is the same and a decent web interface to boot. I’ve been using it for a few days having closed my spotify account and all the music i listen to is there. The offline feature is most welcome as well while travelling on the tube.


Honourable mention really, this is a WordPress blog and the app shows me states, comments, posts and i can write blogs as well. Nice to have on the phone.


Snapseed is my mobile photo editor of choice, however with Nik Software being bought by Google I’m not holding out much hope that will ever hit this platform, as a worthy alternative Pictomaphone while not looking like a WP8 app does have plenty of photo editing features and filters.


As a new user of Windows Mobile 8 i’ve got a lot of apps Skype, Evernote, Dilbert, Amazon Mobile, Kindle and GDrive on the go, these apps above are the ones which have stood out. There are a good number of travel notification apps and RSS reading apps on the platform. I love the try feature as well.. brilliant idea well executed.


2 comments on “Windows Phone 8 Apps

  1. hmmm
    November 28, 2012

    LOL.. nokia maps if you download the maps at home uses NO data
    if you use location services then only a tiny bit for the services you are looking for.

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