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Rdio better cross platform than Spotify


Having been a long-term Spotifiy user for a few years I was interested in seeing how it worked on my new Nokia Lumia 920. A question which didn’t take long to answer as Spotify isn’t supported on the Windows Phone platform. This lead me to find out why…

Seems the team over at Spotify are making the same mistake many companies who are fuled via a web presence and apps on Mobile devices are making. Ignoring platforms till they blossom and then get an App on them, while this might work in the desktop world in the App world where it’s all too easy to swap services this is how you lose customers or even never gain them. Spotify had a great iPhone app for a long time, followed up by a wonderful Android App which kept crashing.  recently they graced us with an iPad app and as for the Linux offering, well the less said about that the better. They seem to realise they need to be on as many platforms as possible in the same way you can buy almost anything Internet connected and from day 1 usually find a Netflix or a Dropbox app. However Spotify seem to just take a while to get there.. they also make the mistake of not communicating properly with the user base, if you have a forum and questions are asked, answer them.

rdioSo with no Spotify app, and a user who is paying a monthly premium needing to be as cross platform as possible the search was on for an alternative and that turned out to be Rdio as it supports Windows Phone with a 7 app which works well on 8, iPad with an app which has recently been updated with a huge improvement facelift and an Android App which seems a lot more stable than the Spotify brother. Interestingly as well Rdio seems to have been developed as a web platform as opposed to Spotifiy which is just getting into this method of delivery. This means from a desktop perspective anything with a Web Browser and a sound card will support this platform.

With the platform covered the music selection was needed and Rdio seems to have much of the same music on offer as Spotify with displays showing Top, New and in Demand tracks to assist in selecting either playlists or collections which can both be quickly synced to a mobile device for offline playing. Important for long tube journeys.

It’s hard to separate the two platforms on music alone, and they cost the same for a monthly subscription so for me it boils down to what supports the platforms I use and Rdio does a better job than Spotify than this.



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