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While i’m not overly enamoured by Windows 8 i’m starting to get it.


I think it’s enough to say here that i’m not a huge fan of the desktop version of Windows 8, the phone version works, works well and makes understandable decisions. I’d even go as fa as saying Microsoft would be well placed to create a tablet with the phone version of its new flagship OS. However after a recent demo by an actual real world Microsoft marketing guy (and not a booth drone) I might actually be seeing what is going on with Microsoft Windows 8.

The purpose of the new Operating system is two fold


From a business perspective Microsoft have a single aim, it is not to get the OS installed this time round, it’s simply to make the IT department think about the hardware they buy during the course of the next two years. Sure buy a laptop or a desktop but think about buying one with touchscreen technology. Microsoft are hoping that by the time Windows 9 comes round there will be substantially more touchscreen devices on the playing field and that is the release version they are hoping will take off.


From a commercial sector i mean Joe the Plumber,  Windows 8 is about displaying information, providing the user with a single interface which displays the information which they are interested in a uniform methodology across the whole GUI. We the user should not need to know how Google, Yahoo, Bin work, we should not need to know how the search of the Telegraph, New York Times, Engadget or BBC Cooking works. We should be seeing what we want within a uniform display and access our data that way.

Much in the same way the workforce is “trained” to use Outlook for email, Word for Documents, Excel for Spreadsheets and Powerpoint for presentations and bawks at the alternatives because they are just slightly different. because that’s how you do things in the the office and ergo at home well well that’s what Microsoft are working on with Windows 8 for information gathering or search.

Touch is the interface of now and the future, the keyboard while not dead isn’t the way forward the touch interface is and while Steve Jobs may think that tablets with keyboards are not a good idea, sales of such devices would indicate too much reliance on this configuration at the present moment for it not to be relevant. Over time speech, touch and movement will become more and more relevant in our lives.

While Microsoft, Apple, Canonical and Google are all aware and pitching up their wagons for their method of touch interface and information delivery one thing is common across all platforms. All the major players know that control of the interface for information delivery is key.  Owning the method of the touch system and information provision is important to the next 20 to 30 years as the Windows, Icon, Mouse and Pointer have been to the last 20 years and while Microsoft never invented this (Apple did for the masses) they did do what Apple are so good at doing, and make it main stream with Windows 3.0…

So while i’m not loving trying to use the new Windows 8 on a non touchscreen laptop I do understand what Microsoft are trying to do a little better now.


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