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Why Google is on the start is a slippery slope down


A year ago Apple could do no wrong, the house of Jobs was just starting to see where it’s new leader would take it and share prices were on the up. 12 months later and we look back at a Maps app which didn’t cut the mustard and infighting among the lieutenants, some might quick product turn arounds and a pack chasing 7″ tablet and ok, while Apple are making profit the questions are starting to be asked where does apple go now?

While 2012 has been the year Apple might like to forget, 2013 could turn out to be Googles..

While Google has been hammered somewhat via Apple vs Samsung it’s ownership of the smartphone market is growing month on month as is its tablet share, Android is going good guns out there, however Google is a service company providing cross platform services to manipulate the Internet be that search, data, communications or creation. The core of the company is search and again much like Apple, Google are not going to fall down overnight, however like Apple they may find decisions they make for the race to dominate the tablet space now may make them fall much quicker down the road.

One such decision is the removal of its Push mail technology which many non Android users on IPad and WP8 devices use to get mails pushed to their devices. So rather than check every 10 minutes for mail when a mail arrives in your inbox, it shows up on the device immediately.

While this service removal next month may have many good reasons, what it will do is move the core tech savvy off gmail, who in turn at the water cooler may advise their colleagues and very soon a few less people are using gmail, it didn’t take that long for hotmail and yahoo mail to fall out of favour..

In this little corner of the web I did migrate off google this afternoon, and away from the stale Android system last month, the cost of Freemium wasn’t the issue the slow removal of service unless I use the IOS lookalike phone OS was.. google having hooked the user base in with free products are now using that to steer them to android by ensuring while you can use gmail for example on IOS the experience is much better on Android.

There is nothing wrong with this Google has every right to, it’s just not something I want to be part of and long term is going to hurt Google…



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