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From Click to Web: A mobile photo process


Just a few years ago getting your photos onto the Web while on the move involved a lot of kit, laptop, 3G Dongle, Spare Battery etc this has all changed with the introduction of real tablet computing (as opposed to those nasty Microsoft driven hybrid laptop/tablet things) getting from Click to Web is a lot easier.


While the photo editing part on the go is interesting so is the concept of the best camera you have is the one with you, like most small time amateur shutterbugs I’ve gone out and invested in a DSLR, I did this a while back and have a Nikon D60 with 2 lenses a 70-300 and a 35-50 and I love this camera. I’ve had it so long the settings are quick to get to don’t need to think about where something is. This camera however isn’t light and requires a choice prior to leaving home if i’m going to take it with me. I also have a Panasonic GF3 a lovely little point and click Micro4:3 device lighter and while i’m not totally enamoured by the display, i like my viewfinders I do like the camera for raw quick shots. It also does good HD video.

While these cameras are good I find myself more and more using the camera on the iPad 3 or on my Nokia Lumia 920 and the blurring of lines between a good point and click and a good mobile phone, so much so that this year saw some big players like Nikon and Samsung actually release cameras based on Android OS, soon enough we may see Micro 4:3 devices with the additional lenses and the Android OS.

These mobile devices are able to take very good crisp clear shots and give results comparable to any DSLR in P/Auto mode.


Much like the distance between an entry level DSLR and a good Mobile camera is blurring so is the distance between the stock edition of Photoshop and editing tools on the iPad or Android which while originally were just based on filtersets are growing in ability and this is especially so with Snapseed originally by Nik software they were bought out by Google this year and where usually this can mean the kiss of death for some apps as history has many examples of, in Snapseed’s case it turns out that it was being used by Vic Gundotra so Google have added and kept working on this app. There are other great Apps which will get you the basics of on the go photo editing.

While editing on your mobile device at the moment isn’t maybe quite as powerful as doing so in the world of Photoshop what you can do however is provide enough image manipulation to get a message or a thought across.


This is the power of mobile uploading on the go to the web, all the mobile platforms can get your photos up to the big gallery and social media systems and site like Facebook are awash with some examples of why this shouldn’t be a good thing 😉

Going with your gut and not over thinking the post processing and getting an image out there quickly may not be important to you, it is however an option.

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