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The Nokia Lumia 920 a month in

Nokia_Lumia_920_BlackA month in with the Nokia Lumia 920 and it is worth doing an update of my post just after I got the phone.

The Phone is without doubt a hot potato right now and if reports are to be believed worldwide it is making a huge splash worldwide and thats no bad thing. As an Android owner for 3 years and an iPad this is a different phone in many respects.


I said it before and I’ll say it again, if you are looking for a light phone go buy an iPhone, this is a beast comparativa speaking some will see this as a negative, me I see this as great build quality. I love how solid this phone feels compared to the iPhone and the scratchproof glass has survived my keys being in the same pocket as my keys on more than one occasion. The weight can also be put down to the battery which is a bit of a beast and as we will see later when managed right holds a good long charge.


I was concerned when getting the phone that the lack of apps would be an issue, it wasn’t, everything I need an app for this phone if not initially Windows 8 ready is covered by a Windows 7 App, thats the usual suspects Facebook and Twitter, though the lack of native Google+ App is a bit of a pain. Other suspects like Evernote, Lastpass, Rdio, News360 and a huge number of Transport Apps which are great as a Londoner for getting buses and train time tables.

Windows 8 specific apps are trickling through with a good number of updates to Windows 7 Apps  in the past few weeks. Microsoft have put our a statement that they are overwhelmed with the number of Apps to check before App Store release so staff will be working the xmas period to get WP8 updates and apps out there.

The apps themselves are well thought out and while most adhere to the WP8 look and feel a few don’t and they really stand out. The phones interaction with the software is as smooth as it gets the only phone I have seen as smooth as this is the iPhone and in many respects this is the edge WP8 has over Android as the Nokia hardware is capable of giving this high level of performance  compared to many of the midrange Android phones. When a user picks up and uses the phone they get a good experience and smooth interface.

There is one final thing which WP8 does well is Try the ability to try software for a long period 10 to 15 days in some cases before you buy it. For this alone WP8 needs to be lauded as this flushes out the chaff you find in the IOS Apps store.

Battery Life

Initially I was not impressed with the battery life it was patchy at best some days getting a full charge some days not there seemed no consistency as to why this was. Wallet and NFC seemed to be one culprit and as i’m not using NFC i turned it off this helped. Skype also had a bug with updating contacts to the phone, turns out it would never stop trying to do it. a few other issues like this was making me wonder if this was the phone for me. Updates to Skype, Wallet, NFC and other softeware however and I’m getting a few days battery life now with Wifi/3G turned on.


The Camera, oooh the camera, it is touted as being great in low light, and after an outing to the Natural History museum last week I can assure you this is not just marketing

2012 - 1

This camera is part again of the weight of the phone, springs, gyro’s etc are built around the device to give steady images in low light conditions.

Where WP8 is lacking at the moment is Lenses the addons to the camera to provide enhanced features i’d like to see HDR specifically quickly added to Panoramic, Steady shots I’m sure there are other Lenses like Tilt Shift which would also be added this is a feature of the phone which neither Nokia or Microsoft are seemingly pushing hard at the moment and really should. This is a great camera and very easy to use.


There have been bugs as i’ve noted here Skype, Wallet there are also Enhancements and the Over the Air (OTA) update system is quick and well thought out. There is supposedly a WP8 update from Microsoft in the works early next year to fix issues with Wireless and Battery issues.

Nokia themselves have not been slow in fixing issues either and it’s been pumping out bug fixes and enhancements regularly which is a great sign as well.

Hard Reset Issue

It’s not all been sunshine or butterflies there does seem to be an awfully large bug with the phone if you wish to do a hard reset and start from scratch. When I set my phone up I did so with my hotmail account. Due to Google doing the nasty next year and revoking push notifications I migrated my Google Apps account over to on my own domain name. To have this as the primary account on the phone I needed to factory default the phone and it bricked it. This is a known issue and thankfully there is a great guide on WPCentral forums which after a bit of work got the phone working again. It’s a shame this had to be done, great there is a fix but something most people won’t need to do.


I’ve not been this happy with a mobile phone in a while, the Samsung Galaxy S was a solid device however on a 2 year contract was really showing its age by the end of the deal. the iPhone is just too small. Yes there are bugs on the device however they are being fixed quickly. The phone is slick fast and smooth works well and one thing i’ve not mentioned is the calls on the phone, there is a feature it seems to provide a good level of noise reduction on the device so when you are listening in a busy place it’s clearer than a normal phone.



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