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Apps you don’t need on the Nokia Lumia 920 WP8 Phone.


There are many posts on the internet providing you with lists of “essential apps” you should install on your new WP8 device however I thought i’d write a quick post for the Apps you just don’t need.

Apple started this all off with the catchy phrase “There’s an app for that” and post iPhone there is a seemingly huge need for a huge app store for a device to have access to or its going to fall over very quickly. While not strictly true as history has shown us most people use the same 50 or so apps, what is interesting with the Windows Phone is how much of the app functionality has been built directly into the OS.


Here is an example of a great app, you hear a tune on a TV program or on the radio launch Shazam and let it “listen” for a few seconds and Shazam will tell you what you have been listening to. WP8 no need for this app, press the search button, press the music note done. The built in app so far has found everything Shazam does.


Both Facebook and Twitter have Apps on the WP8 platform and both are functionally great apps, the People app built into the phone however brings your Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin Social accounts into one app which is built into the phone and again does at least as good a job as the two apps and depending on how you use social media maybe a better one. You can see direct messages/tweets, timeline and post photos up to the sites from within the people app.


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