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Where does it all end?


We live in a connected social society where there is no such thing as being too far away or not in the know, we crave information, new and now.. To this end we have built ourselves tech which can provide us with all of this and more. From its humble beginnings as an office sized energy zapper afforded by few companies the computer is now in our pockets.

Where does this all end?

Our need for data has brought us to a pont where we are at our most connected globally, we are at a point unknown in history which historically is written by the winners in our generation is being documented by the population. In the forms of writing, speaking and watching like no other point in our history we are all contributing to the documentation of our era.

What is the way forward? At the moment the way forward seems to be for more of the same, however just as the delivery mechanism has changed in the last few years from a box in the office or at home to a portable always on device in your pocket it will change again.

Historically how we get the data, our access point to this data has been important and for many this entry point has been WindowsXP and more recently Windows7 as the mobile platform has become more ubiquitous the puzzled look which was historically given when you put anything other than a Windows interface on a PC has been lost and interface designers are getting to grips with more user friendly methods of providing access to peoples data.

Moving forward how we get to our data is going to be less important and companies know this, the connected home is the next big battleground and how the data is presented to us will become more and more important. This is going to rely on standards as history has shown us locking’s don’t work in the long term however before these standards emerge there will be many stumbling blocks and early adopters will be stung.

Where this is going however is as well as seeing your data on a Phone or a Laptop you will see on your TV screen, Mirror or Microwave the method of displaying is less important that what is being displayed.

As an example we can look at a more recent change where this has happened in the web browser, for a long time displaying the data output from Google was done on IE, as time has past however that Google search data has become visible in other browsers Chrome, firefox or Safari and this is accepted as standards have help us access more of the resulting links from these browsers with fewer issues and as time past even the hardware we access this data and even our apps has changed and now we are trained to feel happy accessing the internet over a multitude of devices.

This is only going to increase moving forward..

The question is however, as where we access our data changes, how we access our data changes and when we access our data changes what effect does this have for the companies who hold and manage our data. How is money made from this data? Who wants this data?


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