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Followup: Scanning directly to Evernote from a Mac


A few days ago i posted a method of going paperless usinging a scanner and Evernote. Right now I can’t afford that particular scanner so I wanted to do this using my HP All in One on my Mac.. turns out its really easy


  1. Start ‘Image Capture’ – it is a free application that comes with OS X (/Applications/Image Capture)
  2. If your scanner is supported (and turned on) you will see a window similar to the one in the screenshot below
  3. Select the area you want to scan by dragging a rectangle around the preview of the scan
  4. Set the quality of the scan to either B/W or Color Photo (depending on what you are scanning)
  5. Give your scan a title
  6. Choose PNG, JPEG as the format. If you would rather scan to PDF, keep in mind that images in PDFs will not be recognized by our image recognition
  7. Select ‘Evernote’ as the Automatic Task – this is the key step in this process
  8. And click ‘Scan’ – that’s all


For the subsequent scans, all you have to do is adjust the selected area and enter a different title. All the other settings will be remembered as defaults.

Now, everything you scan will go directly to Evernote with the title you assign. And, all your notes will be searchable thanks to Evernote’s image recognition.

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