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How computer scientists are trying to stop smartphones and tablets from breaking the Internet


How computer scientists are trying to stop smartphones and tablets from breaking the Internet  There’s just one problem with the post-PC mobile revolution: The Internet may not be designed to properly handle it. To understand why this is, recall that the Internet was originally designed to be something like the post office where packets of data are sent back and forth from one IP address to another based on information in the packet header.

The problem is that none of the Internet’s architects at the time could have known about all the mobile devices that would one day be hooked up to the Internet, from smartphones and tablets to vacuums and refrigerators. When you take all these devices into account, and you consider that they could easily create a logjam by all requesting the same data from the same source, then you can see how the mobile revolution could potentially overwhelm the old architecture.

Technology Review has talked with some computer scientists who are working on revamping the Internet’s architecture to make it more suited for all the smartphones and tablets that it now has to serve. In particular, the scientists are working on ways to more quickly and efficiently share data between devices that are very short distances from one another.

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