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What do Apple need to do in IOS 7 to stay relevent


There is a lot of speculation around Apple right now, Samsung have made great ground on the iPhone, the iPhone 5 production is allegedly being ramped back due to less demand and the Google Nexus 7 is chipping away at the iPads tablet market dominance as is the Amazon Fire HD.

This comes to no surprise to anyone who has followed Apple for long enough, this is the same thing that happened with the Apple Mac and OSX where for years Apple were streets ahead of the competition only to see Windows rise and surpass them.

What can Apple do with IOS 7 to revolutionise this infrastructure and make it cool again?

Choice of Apps

I’ve said this before, and i’ll say it again, if Apple are committed to producing their own apps on a booted IOS device then good on them, if they are polished reliable apps people will use them. Don’e however force the user to use them. If a user want’s to use a different web browser, mail client or Skype for video chat instead of Facetime then let them do that.  In the most part Apple’s apps will still be the default if Apple keep providing the average user the quality experience they are now, this does however allow 3rd party developers to push what is currently available and can only improve the overall experience.

Move some apps to the App Store

Bookshelf, Notes, Passbook, Facetime move them into the App Store, this has been done with the podcast app and Apple can easily setup on the front page of the App Store an Apple Apps link. this reduces the clutter, and the size of the OS and gives some space for Apps some of us just don’t use back to the device. Much in the same thought process as the previous suggestion. If Apple are making solid apps then the majority of people who need them will use them. Otherwise the cream will rise to the top. I’d much rather have Evernote as my default note taking app.

Try before you buy

It doesn’t matter how big your App Store is if its full of terrible apps designed to get users to part with their cash and gaming the review system while they are at it. It’s simple every app gives the user 2hrs to make use of it, if its any good an in app payment is made and the user keeps the app if not the next time the user tries to install the app they must pay for it. This will whittle out the chaff as Apple can then monitor that is an app is uninstalled or not paid for nn% of the time its pulled from the App Store. This should increase the quality and weed out the chaff..

Drop the skeuomorphic interface

I know what a real world calendar looks like it don’t need my IOS Calendar to look like one. Anyone who has used a WP8 phone knows that the apps written conforming to the WP8 interface guidelines not only look great but make the device much easier o use for the newbie. Apples insistance on using skeuomorphic design just makes many of the apps look ugly. This is the company who brought you Aqua on the OSX interface at an almost anal level. Structured, consistant, modern interface design is what Apple need. A change of Gui look and feel is a huge change however it’s one which could single handedly do Apple and IOS the world of good.


While the look and feel that Apple may or may not choose will/would be lovely i’m sure, we are all individuals and we like to feather our nest in the way we feel is best. Your tablet mcuh like your laptop is a reflection of you. So allow users to theme it and developers to create themes. Not just a few Icons thrown together, set guidelines, insist that icons, colours, etc all have to be complete to make a theme. Create a theme app. Its another money makes should someone wish to sell their theme then let them.. Bet you get more themes than iBooks.

Multitask Properly

Some apps just don’t get IOS multi taks and once minimised just restart. the Sky news app is a an example which springs to mind right now. Also lets make that App switching better so I could close an app not just open and minimise then wobble icon close it.  double-clicking the home button, we can see icons for those apps already open. Instead, give us the ability to preview those apps performing the same steps.

Wifi, Sound and 3G toggles in notification Centre

Notification centre, i usually foret its there. There is a jailbreak which emulates the Mountain lion style of notification centre down the side and it is far more useful so lets have that. While you are at it make the top row work like Androids, you stole the idea from them so lets go all the way. Add toggle buttons for Wifi, 3G, Audio, or other apps which could link in here. Lets make notification centre usable.

Final Thoughts

There is an ironic thought that none of the above is impossible, on previous jailbroken versions of IOS i’ve used many of these features and when they were installed they make the IOS system far more usable. Rather than fight this innovation Apple need very much to learn from the Jailbreak/Cydia community. IOS is looking very old right now compared to the WP8 and upcoming Ubuntu Phones. While Android caould suffer from the same issue its ability to change launchers and customise is making it a more than viable option for many of the older IOS users. Its time for a change and 7 is a lucky number.




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