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Bricked Acer C7 Chromebook


I had to post this as I’d spent all last night trying to get a Chromebook working again. I was presented with a message

“Chrome OS is missing or damaged” 

The message was popping up each time the device boots up, the page advised a trip to which suggested I build a recovery USB stick.

The problem was having built the stick on OSX, Windows, Linux using 4 different sticks and each time I got “Unexplained Error” come up.

The Web was empty, Google are yet to provide me with a Ninja reply…

Turns out i didn’t need key presses, a USB stick, or anything else other than this simple fix


I removed the battery for 5 minutes

Put it back in, rebooted and Recovery worked.




One comment on “Bricked Acer C7 Chromebook

  1. Steve
    February 12, 2013

    Same problems and everything online including Google was of NO help. This worked. Thank you. Steve

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