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Its not the death of the PC, it’s the death of the Microsoft PC.


Over at Ars Technica they have put up an interesting article

Microsoft fails to notice the death of the PC, posts record revenue figures instead

As with most of the Articles on the site it is well written, however I’d suggest it’s missing a valuable point.

While Microsoft indeed are posting profits, and yes the world is going gag over the tablet PC, i’d like to suggest its not the death of the PC right now. The world still needs a keyboard and while Tablet computing and on the go computing is heading to a new level still some of the biggest selling accessories for the top tablets are keyboards.

I’d also go as far as suggesting its not PC’s in general which are on the downward slide it is PC’s which run Microsoft Windows outside of the office which are on the slide.

What the world is waking up to is a simple fact that your computing device should not take 15 minutes to boot up, needs 5 security apps installed and need a phd in awkward thinking to diagnose faults. Apple and Google have proven that your home IT device can be simple to use. and OS design in general is going lightweight, simple, web/app based making it simple for the user and profitable for the developers.

This change to the lightweight isn’t going to happen next week, lets be honest, but i suggest within 3 years Windows as you know it won’t exist.




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