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What tech do I use?


What do I use technology wise on a day to day and Why?

While I like to blog about technology I also love using it, I like getting things working, the challenge and the puzzle. I’m often asked what technology do I use. Here is the answer


acerc7As a long time Macbook Pro user I was looking for something light, portable and to be honest quick and easy to boot up. I’d read a lot about Chromebooks and the Acer C7 sprang out as being a good lightweight option

The plus point however was the ability to install dual booting Ubuntu. I’m a big fan of the Ubuntu OS and the Chrubuntu spin works fantastically on this laptop when you have to do some heavy lifting.

With a a decent spec the Acer C7 is a good unit for doing blog posts and/or other solid work items I cant do on the tablet.

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I’ve been in a position to use a good number of Android tablets ranging in size and Microsoft’s new Surface device and I keep coming back to my iPad. The simple reason is the form factor. I don’t believe the 16:9 format found on many of these devices works.

The iPad is a well built device and with the 3G option, something still not found in a huge number of Android Devices, makes this the killer device. The screen is also nothing to be sneered at, it is also something other tablet manufactures are trying to emulate.

The final plus point I find over the other devices is the app support, it has reached critical mass to the point where the device is being looked at now not just as a consumption device but as valid option to the laptop in most cases.

Mobile Phone


Historically i’ve been an Android user, i’m not a fan of the iPhone even in its new guise the screen is just too small.

I chose the new Nokia however because it ticks many of the boxes and the main one is the camera. I’m a keen amateur photographer (photos are here if you are interested)  and this phone has a wonderful camera even in low light situations.

The phone has all the apps I’m making use of as well so the big hitters like Skydrive, WordPress, Evernote, Lastpass are all available on the device.

There have been the odd glitch with the device however

  • The Battery was running down quickly because of what turned out to be either a skype bug or NFC issue
  • When taking a call then trying to do something on the handset (like enter a pin for the voicemail) the screen would stay black.

However the crisp screen, great interface and fantastic camera make this phone a winner.



On the 1st Jan 2013 we cut the cable and make use of a rather intricate system for watching media. Well intricate in the back end but on the TV its all the simple XBMC interface.

I have bash scripts pulling media into folders and out again once media is watched and access to the catchup channels provided by the XBMC plugins for BBC, ITV, 4oD and Five and live TV provided by TVCatchup.

The XBMC sits on top of an Ubuntu install on an AS Rock ION 330 Nettop hich also turns the TV into an internet centre.

The Glue

With all these cross platform systems there needs to be some glue to bind all the systems together and that is the cloud. I use two primary systems for the online storage Skydrive and Google Drive with Box being an alternative when needed. I use Skydrive because its god good support on ChromeOS, WP8 and IOS and Google Drive because i got 100Gb free with the Chromebook. Both Windows and Google offer some great online services as well for editing documents.


The days of product lockin are over and being the number 1 at something doesn’t make you the vest every time. Technology is supposed to be an enabler and I use mine to do exactly that.


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