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Would you work 10 hrs a day 4 days a week for a 3 day weekend?


Just run across a really interesting article on the BBC Website (link below) Where they are trying out in Gambia so a workday is from 8am to 6pm 4 days a week, and people get 3 day weekends.. Its actually an interesting proposal

I already do a 10 hr day if i take in to effect the extra work I do from home in the evenings, so I’d be well up for this. However  do you think its a good idea? Personally I do my hours in 4 days usually anyway so why not. How would you feel about doing 4 longer days to have a 3 day weekend? Could it help the economy ? Would it make use healthier, or at very least less tired? How many people already do a 10+hr work day? Interesting stuff..

BBC Article


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