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Kicking a dog when its down…


Its absolutely no surprise that the popular tech press is having a time reminding us just how Apples share price is dropping or they didn’t sell enough iphone 5 units to fill an order. The question is however is should you be kicking this dog when its down?

Previous history is an example

Apple has a history of complacency and self misunderstanding at one point because it believed its own press it’s stocks were being sold as penny stocks, However direction, leadership and focus turned the company who were the also ran to Microsoft in the IT Industry for many years, something many tech geeks turned their nose up at is now bigger than the aforementioned Redmond behemoth. This however wasn’t the only reason for Apple’s growth the man at the helm for most of that stratospheric rise was also a huge part of the reason Apple is where it is now. Steve Jobs.

The industry knew that in a post Jobs Apple there would be a point at which the ideas and projects Steve was working on would start to dry up. that is happening right now.

Apple have a history of boom and bust in the product line as well the Mac was a huge hit, ahead of its time, yet managed to take a cutting edge device and loose market share to a substandard OS (Windows) While they may have had a “lead” in a market they created the Smartphone 2.0 it’s been chipped away at and Android is now the dominant brand, similar tales will start to happen with the iPad as well soon.

IOS is stale

IOS is in the fast paced world of the Smartphone is stale period, the platform it runs on the iPhone is stale and too small. The market is talking and 4.5″ is the sweet spot. Its turning out having the biggest App store isn’t the only winning card.

Or this is what the market would have you believe

Still a wow factor to new users

Take a room full of salesmen, all having used Blackberry’s for a year, locked down but mail and voice still function, then take those Blackberries away and give them iPhone’s

Wham, amazing sense of empowerment which is what this phone still gives you, Millions have been solved, however Apple have managed to do something with the iPhone no other phone vendor (until WP8 but thats another blog post) has managed. because when you have a standard screen size, a known spec, a solid OS base and upgrade path something wonderful happens. You get a commercially viable platform, simple to use, easy to handle and just right for the rest of the world who are not Android, Ubuntu, Windows Phone users.

Time to set the world alite at Apples pace?

Apple didn’t take the Smartphone market with storm, Apple didn’t happen to stumble upon the iPad/Tablet market, Apple didn’t just happen to turn the music industry into a place where people buy music and don’t download it. This is what Apple does it doesn’t create new markets each of the 3 things i’ve mentioned here were markets which existed before Apple got involved. There were Smartphones for years, tablets existed as did MP3 players. Apple took something we wanted and dropped the fragmentation, created an infrastructure and an ease of use.

This will happen again, the smart money is on TV, Apple have been toying with TV for almost as long as the iPhone has existed with its Apple TV, they have been mastering the manufacture of TV like devices with the iMac and it might just be time for the computer and TV to converge.

So what?

Kicking any company when it is down is easy, riding on the coat tails on its rise is equally as easy understanding why it is what it is and how it ticks if more important. Apple will make money, it has products people want.. a market cap of their size doesn’t happen by chance. The question isn’t how are they going to make money, the question should be which market segment are they going to bring into the fold next? And if you play in that segment.. Worry


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