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Top Cydia Tweaks for the Ipad 3


Last your I put up a post about 4 little Jailbreak tools which made the whole process of Jail-breaking worthwhile these were not huge theme changes but tweaks which Apple should have put on the iPad version of IOS anyway. Well it’s been a while since the release of IOS 6 removed any Jailbreak features from my device. This week however the launch of the Evasion untethered Jailbreak and a whole new set of issues and tweaks.

What’s available?

While there have been IOS6 Jailbreaks of the tethered and limited variety this Invasion Jailbreak is the cover all devices kind, this while great and obviously by the amount of traffic to the Cydia site loved by millions, It has meant that the update of many of the apps to become IOS6 has been understandably slow. While most of Cydia’s huge repository will work and is tested on IOS5 it may take a while for complete IOS6 testing to be complete.

With this in mind, much touted tweaks such as Auxo, MountainLion for iPad or Browser Changer seem to be unstable in some combinations or on their own. This i’m sure will improve in the next few weeks.

What do I use?

So these are 8 Apps i use on my iPad 3 which i’ve found really useful.

Display Out

This app is a god send for those iPad apps which like to provide you with the ability to watch live TV but when you plug in that HDMI cable that set you back £30 it turns out don’t show themselves on the big screen. (Sky Sports App, F1 anyone) one quick jailbreak later and this is no longer a problem and I can watch the F1 (for example) out of the ipad on the bigger TV.


Why this isn’t part of the stock IOS by now i’ll never know, its an implementation of the Android notifications which would have been an obvious thing to add to the bit Apple already ripped off


Adding functionality to the notifications pull down meaning you don’t have to go into the Settings app and root around to turn off things like 3G and Wifi or just the brightness.


Activator is one of those catch all tweaks that allows the user to assign differnt functionality to different gestures on the iPhone device


Using Activator you can have different apps launch depending on key presses for example. Its also used by a fair number of other jailbreak apps.


Another notifications tweak NCPad displays the notification messages which appear as a banner on the iPad as the whole screen width rather than just iPhone size in the middle of the screen.


Again it’s really functionality Appl should build right into the device as it really helps with Twitter and Facebook notifications.

Dreamboard/Boxor HD

Themes and launchers are rife on the Android platform not at all on IOS as it obviously doesn’t support them, however jail breaking has come a long way since the early days of Winterboard and a few half backed icon themes.

Dreamboard is an IOS theme engine and then some giving those with the patience the ability to completely change the drap IOS them into something of beauty. And if i was Jonny Ive i’d be keeping a close eye on what people are putting together with this theme Engine because it’s got revenue stream written all over it.

The best of the bunch i’ve found so far from a usability perspective is Boxor HD


Changing the look and feel of the iPad and actually in some respects making it a little more user friendly.

Manual Correct

Autocorrect on the iOS device getting your gold sorry goat? Manual Correct highlights miss spelled words and offers a choice of alternatives for them. Simple as that really. No meerkat wrong spading andy moor


A  tweak touted on just about every IOS Jailbreak list there is and its for good reason, it makes task switching easier, normally to switch between two apps you’d press the home button twice and then select the other app. With Zepher you can use a left <>  right sweep gester to switch between apps which if like me your home button is a bit ropey makes great sense. Just can even set a swipe up to make apps close. Genius and if Apple Added this to the next iPad it would be a buttonless experience.


As useful as Zepher is if you like the ability to swap quickly to apps Missionboard is a replacement for the traditional application switcher tray on IOS


Instead it uses the whole screen to switch the apps and with a change of settings can also show the little read close app icon on each app without the need of pressing and holding the app.


Nice and well thought out showing a preview of the content in each Window this works well with Zepher as a far better app switching solution.


Plugication is simple: when you connect your headphones to your iOS device, it automatically resumes your music. It’s simple, but incredibly useful.

What’s not working

  • Browser Changer – Seems to restart Springboard randomly
  • MountainLion for iPad – As above puts IOS into Safe mode
  • Battery life – There is a hit on the battery life not a huge amount but enough to be noticable.
  • Device Space – Jailbreak apps take up space but don’t show on the Settings -> General -> Usage option


Jailbreaking isn’t just about voiding your warranty or holding off on upgrading for months, its also about usability and getting what you want on the device. Sure i’m the first to admit Apple have the level of narcissistic control they put on their devices just right for the general population who want nothing more than a conduit for Facebook, the Internet and eMail and maybe a few other Apps. I know people with iPad’s who ONLY use them for surfing the web.

For the rest of us who want to push the device then this is a valuable opportunity for Apple to learn just what features people are downloading and using. There are features here the device actually needs. I honestly think Apple should be embracing the Jailbreak community as a non supported option not trying to out fox it. If Tweaks or app’s gain popularity move them into the core product.

(I dream..)



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