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5 things Windows Phone 8 Needs in the UK..




There is honestly not much I can say wrong about the Windows Phone 8, compared to its desktop sibling its a joy to use and zippy. As someone who has actively used  IOS, Android and several other OS’s on phones over the years Microsoft have hit the money with this one.

Having used the phone for 90+ days now there are a few things which could be added as features in the next few major releases, maybe the phone can already do some of these, if it can i’m not sure how and post a comment and let me know.

Enable Disable Wifi/3G depending on location

wifitileBeing able to perform tasks, launch apps, remind of tasks depending on your location would be a great feature however in addition to this it would be nice if I could automatically attach to Wifi networks when i reach certain locations however when i’m not in those locations my Wifi would turn off and the 4G would turn on. At home, in the office safe locals i’m happy to use the wifi having the other communications system turn off saves a bit of battery. Location based systems are the way forward on these mobile devices.

Sending files from within mail client

email-screen-linked-inbox-tileI’ve covered this in a recent post the inability to send files from Skydrive or another 3rd party app is a huge missing gap in the mail client. sure i can attach photos however this is a communications device and If i need to reply with a PDF or Doc file it should be simple not requiring me to stop, think and perform. While i’d understand if this was limited to skydrive, it would be nice of the lens feature of the camera could allow for plugins for other apps so maybe I could send files from other cloud storage systems like Box or GDrive. It is after all an open world.

DLNA Client

dlnaOk, this one i’ll admit is a bit off the wall, the idea here is I have loads of media at home on NAS Boxes which I can play on my TV. Why not have the phone pick up over the wifi the DLNA information within a media centre so I can play that media on the phone. Sure we could wait for XBMC or Plex to come alone with a worthy client, and we could play ostrich and make like MKV files don’t exist however this is a tough market to break into and providing this portable media centre is the way forward. Apps like TVCatchup being released on the phone are huge leaps forward in the media presentation of these phones the screens are great, the processors available why not?

NFC Oyster Card Support

b369c147-58dc-43a2-a17a-c8a7d6a4791fNFC great idea but no one is going to start using it in shops if you don’t et some handset using it. In London you have a captive audience with the TFL Oyster card. I’ve not been a huge advocate for using my phone as a replacement for my train ticket however with NFC built into the phone it seems stupid not to. There are already apps which link to the Oyster system and tell me how much I have on my card. Lets go the next logical stop and let me touch in and out with it as well. Then top up.. this promote a simple idea and if you get the bars and cafe’s around the tube stations using NFC payments maybe we could get rid of cash?

Increase the screen resolution when attached to an External Display

ubundroidAs a last one, i’m stealing an idea from Ubuntu which is the direction phones should all be taking sooner rather than later and I believe the drip feed methodology Apple uses might be how to get it moving. Simple concept if i plug my hpne into a monitor (HDMI/DVI/VGA Adaptor) the phone’s real-estate on that display should increase. So If i plug my phone into the TV don’t just show me my phone’s interface stretched on a TV, adjust the resolution so I see a sharper screen with more real-estate. This way if i launch my RDP app and have my Bluetooth keyboard/mouse around I could get on and do some work, or I could open IE and do some big browsing.  Suddenly maybe I don’t need my laptop? Again much like the DLNA idea the phone has the power to perform most mundane tasks the same way a desktop does..


These are not your phones of the 90’s these are mini computers, we have taken the leap of faith and are using tablets by the drove, lets take another and really get the powerhouse in your pocket working.

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