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OMG the IT Marketing Dept has run amok…

The Cloud, BYOD, BIg Data, three of the darling terms of the tech industry right now, nothing new do any of them bring to the table, nothing which has not gone before so why are they here?
What I don’t understand is this push to have company data in the cloud… the cloud is like BYOD, its a complete misnomer designed by Marketeers within big companies to generate revenue, they are looking to do this in a market which is sorely lacking in actual innovation and solve a problem that doesn’t exist.  Companies were storing data on the internet years before some clown called it the cloud because he didn’t get a network diagram put forward in a presentation. And people have been bringing their own devices into IT systems for years and in the process causing havoc.

Big Data

cloudmanThe same can be said for  “Big Data”. I’m pretty sure large companies have been scanning data for years looking  for tends which is why we have Baby Boomers, Generation X and Stay at Home Moms as marketing demographics. Someone took all that Big Data and put it through a database and figured out stats facts and figures..
Because the Operating system market and hardware markets have been stagnant for 10+ years we seem to need to generate solutions which in reality just end up causing us more problems.. “Hi, we are Dropbox and for a whole weekend you didn’t need a password to open anyone’s account, including your company one some bright spark setup to collaborate on the salary slips and was granted extra admin privileges for the weekend for no valid reason other than moaning just before they went home on Friday at 4:30pm”


“Hi IT man, since you installed that software on my iPhone which lets me see my mail while i am on the train to work well Angry Pigs in Space doesn’t work, i’m late for a meeting now but i need you to fix this, however i’m going to stand here warbling for 20 minutes about that meeting i’m late for and then tell everyone in the meeting how IT can’t fix my problem, even though i failed to mention my 12 year old jail broke my phone at the weekend and installed an SSH server on it..”
Disclaimer: never had either of the two happen directly to me

Why is this happening?

The problem is the worst culprits for IT security, who usually have the loudest voice have also learnt that the best way to get something implemented is not via IT  but by the Finance dept who may read 50 shades of grey but only see in Black and White and just need to be told “there is an initial cost saving look” never factored in are the costs involved in implementing, supporting and running these systems. The scalability either a good example being the user who starts using Visio and saves all the “important” business diagrams in Visio, then  a week after 10 people need Visio to edit and change these diagrams what started out as a business justification for £600 turned into a £6000 one within a week. Project is another example of this, bright sparks having new workflows/systems which initially cost what seems affordable, but don’t see the bigger picture and months after turn out to be HUGELY expensive

What about the cloud?

As for the the cloud, VPN’s have been doing “cloud” for ages, but because it doesn’t have a snappy title, just a boring acronym lets replace it, we are weeks away from  changing ours at work when we drop one system and bring up another i’ll nnever refer to it as a VPN again, i’ll refer to it as a collaborative cloud portal with secure access. The cloud problem then disappears. If i need to use the cloud, it will be known just as “The Archive Network”

What to do?

Lets stop with the rehashing of old ideas, in a poor way, just to justify lots of people with consultant in their job title getting paid lots of cash for what isn’t needed and lets focus on what this industry really really needs. some real grass roots innovation. Google Glasses, Self Driving Cars, hoverboards, computers i can talk to, a fridge which orders my milk for me.. not a Mainframe, pre commerical contract mobile phones and the spreadsheet..

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