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Is it time for Ubuntu to Fork?

ubuntulogoThere is no doubt from the laypersons position Canonical’s Linux distro Ubuntu has been a huge injection of usability and change in positive ways to the Linux Community. While some of the Developers and more hardcore Linux users may not agree (and i’d point them towards the choice they keep talking about) Ubuntu has done more to change for the positive Linux in a few short years than any other Distro.

Sometimes if you want something done and have a vision, the sense of community and democracy is not what is needed, while sitting down and talking and including the whole community is a good idea, it often leads to arguments, splits and more often than not it leads to nothing, quite literally doing nothing.

An example of this could be shown in recent history with the release of Vista, the fall out and look for a solid alternative the Linux community froze and argued, as it has done with touch screen’s, Tablets and mobile devices leaving it to companies like Google to get their act together and put Android on top o a Linux back end.

Looking at ALL the distributions out there Ubuntu is the only one with a confirmed vision, which seems to be working towards something bigger, something which may be wanted by the masses.

Canonical’s vision for Ubuntu is based on a unified Operating system for multiple devices, be that a TV, Tablet, Laptop, Desktop or Smartphone the same underlying Linux OS running on all these platforms which they are looking to achive by April 2014 just over 12 months away. Each platform has its own user interface based on Unity its current desktop, however writing an Application for Ubuntu would allow that application to run across all these devices.

This is vision, coupled with projects such as Ubuntu for Android which in this world of VDI and Thin Clients in the corporate sector could hugely reduce the IT costs of companies moving forward while still providing users with that familiar Windows ecosystem and Interface which is important puts Canonical and Ubuntu far ahead of anything else out there even mainstream OS’s such as Windows or OSX don’t appear to be as close to this concept as Ubuntu is.

Yes still there is bitching and FUD towards the Ubuntu OS, Unity still has its haters which considering one of the most popular alternatives is Linux Mint’s implementation of the old Gnome 2 interface doesn’t really bode well for Gnome 3 or KDE 4, Canonical continually get called out on not putting fixes back up the code tree quick enough and being as open as they could be about their code.

So is it time to Fork Ubuntu, the OS for many non Tech Geeks which basically means Linux?

There are precedents for this, OSX for example is built ontop of a BSD framework, and Apple seem to be doing alright.

This is what I mean by fork, to take the existing linux Kernel and strip out what is not needed, provide a solid foundation which could appeal to not only commercial installs, but to OEM’s and Hardware vendors. the Linux source tree is full of historical code and drivers which don’t need to be there.  Keep the code it writes, and updates it creates and essentially say good by to a community which has little vision and is still squabbling over whigh desktop interface is better or which Distro works best. Is it time for Ubuntu to branch out.

It is a brand, it’s a strong brand which is shackled by the “based on Linux…” tag, its a brand which doesn’t need some half wit kernel dev doing stuff they shouldn’t be with the guts of the kernel and destroying faith in the OS and more to the point, in creating for itself a stable repository of known working apps where developers all are able to work to the same code tree this makes the platform more viable for the likes of Adobe and other such larger companies to investigate when creating new Applications..

This is just a thought, what are the Pros’ and Con’s of this, would this work? thoughts?

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