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Everpix: Don’t just backup your photos, display them..


Back when photos were taken on film cameras by most people, they were taken, processed, returned, looked at, put in an album and then put in the book case. Occasionally we would get the photos out. The modern version of this is take the photos, put them on a social media site and then back up the photos on a cloud system.


Adobe Revel

About a year ago I asked myself what was the point of just putting my photos on Google Drive, as Google still have not linked its drive and Picasa offerings i took a look at other services, something to provide me with a better way to look at those photos from 12 years ago than was being offered by Google. Adobe had just launched Revel (as it is now called) and this was a great tool. The Desktop App would let me upload my files (at the time over 65Gb of JPG mages) and I kept a local backup too. The iPad app can upload photos in the camera roll brought down to the device from cloud services, edited on Snapseed and the uploaded directly to Adobe Revel. The Desktop app then downloads those photos for  local backup too.

This was great, and I could create Albums, send links to friends and family, share on Facebook directly from within the App.


Last week however I found Everpix, a service which takes the Adobe Revel idea, of making your photos work for you and kicks it to the next level. Being provided with a Free version which will work with photos from the last 12 months or a paid version $4.99 a month of $49 a year this software really is the next step from Adobe’s offering.

1349083969www_everpix_com_landing_htmlOnce the photos are uploaded to Everpix from either a Windows or Mac desktop client, or again the IOS App’s Camera Roll the photos are displayed in a web based or app based photo album, which only you as a user have access to, you can like Revel share from within the Everpix system however it goes a step further.

Everpix performs analysis on your photos and provides different ways of looking at the photos, such as moments, sources or highlights each one displaying selections of the photos which pull out the photos on your behalf.

Leave the system a little while longer and it will categorise the photos into people, cities, landscapes and objects.

The whole idea here is to use the cloud based algorithm to provide you not just with a storage area for your photos and to make those photos work for you.

My Experience

I’ve uploaded my 2012 photos as part of the free offering which I can get to see how this service works with 4000+ images and it’s taken about 2 days to get the photos up on my UK broadband. The photos are processed pretty quickly and I’m getting Hi-definition results basically the resolution i am uploading in is what I’m seeing which is great.

The web interface has worked well on the latest versions of IE, Firefox and Chrome, the latter two on OSX and Ubuntu as well) the site has done a really nice job of showing my photos and it is great seeing some of the older ones again. The IOS app is equally as quick at displaying images.

I’ve not had the photos up long enough it seems for the Landscape, Portrait, City Scape filtering.

I was worried about the sign up page, prior to parting with any cash as the site touts a reasonable usage policy, so i mailed the Everpix support team to ask if my 100,000 photos in one go would be a problem, the response was prompt, from a human and told me as long as it’s not for commercial use (which its not) then there is no problem with this.


There is a common theme with start-ups, i call it the boom and stay, a new idea comes up onto the spotlight. 500px, Squarespace, Adobe Revel, Spideroak, new ideas, these are great systems and people like myself sign up for them, 12 months on very little other than bug fixes and a few ipad apps have really been provided.

While this allows leapfrog services such as this, I believe the truly successful services such as Evernote understand that there needs to be a regular roll out of updates and service enhancements. Time will tell if Everpix is a Boom and Stay or Boom and Boom company. Right now however $49 isn’t much to ask for the paid service.


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