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ChromeOS Tip: Setting the sleep time


While ChromeOS is a great OS and i’m loving all of it, I detest on any system when Developers make decisions on my behalf, and the ChromeOS Dev’s have decided that I can’t be trusted to set my own power options.

Sure, if i am on battery feel free shut me down after 10 minutes if i don’t press a button, however when i’m powered in, leave me powered on.. This isn’t at time of writing something that is easy to change, however due to the underlying OS it’s not impossible. Try this

There is a better way to set powerd preferences than just outright disabling powerd. The power management preferences are set in two places in Chrome OS – /usr/share/power_manager has the defaults, and /var/lib/power_manager has user-defined settings. Anything you add to the latter will override the defaults.

So, do deal with the delays in dimming, suspending, and powering off, you copy files from /usr/share/power_manager to /var/lib/power_manager and then edit them.

Ctrl-Alt-t to start terminal, then enter ‘shell’ at the crosh> prompt. Then ‘cd /usr/share/power_manager’, then use ‘cp $source_file /var/lib/power_manager/’ to copy these files:

– plugged_dim_ms (milliseconds before screen dims when plugged in)
– plugged_suspend_ms (milliseconds before system suspends when plugged in)
– plugged_off_ms (milliseconds before power off when plugged in)
– unplugged_dim_ms, unplugged_suspend_ms, unplugged_off_ms (equivalent to above for unplugged states)

You can then ‘cd /var/lib/power_manager’ and edit those files to change their values to what you want. 24 hours is 86400000 ms; that’s probably a large enough value that you can treat it as “never”

Once the values change, you need to restart powerd — you can reboot or use sudo initctl restart powerd



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