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Can Google+ replace my news reader?


Google, what they give they take away and in doing so set a whole subsection of IT into a scramble trying to find the next best thing.

The impending death of Google Reader had me thinking can I use Google+ as a direct drop in replacement for my RSS Google Reader of choice?

I only use Google+ on my IPad or Android mainly because the web interface just sucks and having cleared out my circles it was time to rebuild them with content from my Google reader, so I created a circle for each Reader section and was pleasantly surprised that just about every site I hold in Reader has a functioning G+ page.

By the end of the exercise I had build up a 99% replica of my Google Reader setup, and have spent about a week with this setup in G+ and it has shed some interesting results.

The whole streams thing means I have missed several stories however the notifications are quite useful on the iPad app, albeit if the app tells me that I have 100 unread items but when I open the G+ app it shows only the last 20 highlighted. I’d like to see even more improvements in this area to the already improved G+ app. Maybe rather than showing the notifications in just a side bar also do it as a page?

I’m not finding this to be a perfect drop in for Feedly or Flipboard I am enjoying a more active G+ experience.


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