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Why finding a job in the UK is so hard…


In the UK like many other countries around the world, the job market is not great, in fact its terrible, there are jobs out there however finding them is harder than you’d think.

Technology is supposed to enhance and improve lives, its supposed to make things easier, however when used the way the job market does it does exactly the opposite.

20 years ago, when looking for a job there were 2 avenues the first was to get the local paper on a Thursday and Friday and head straight for the back, see what positions were available and then post a CV to that company, the other way was to go into a job agency on the high street and fill out an application form, hand over your CV and keep going back if something however came up the recruitment agency would contact you…

Today the industry works in a slightly different way, rather than wait for the paper we use the internet, sites like Reed, Monster, Totaljobs and all ask us to upload our resume’s so they and we can search for appropriate jobs. This should make job hunting easier however the realistic truth is far less

What actually happens is we end up being spammed with lots of jobs which bare no resemblance to the jobs we are looking for, in my own experience because I have the letters PHP on my resume, 2 in every 5 “Jobs for me” was as a PHP developer..

Then we get highly enthusiastic recruitment consultants, ring you up and spin tales of jobs, and how they need to be the only company helping you with this role. You attend phone interviews and NEVER hear back from these people. When you miss a phone interview however you get mails telling you just how unprofessional you are even though you left a voicemail and email explaining why a day before.

The problem is many of these so called consultants in the recruitment industry are paid upon getting people in jobs, one sniff of a maybe not after a phone interview and they are not going to make any money from this “sale” however all this does is make finding a job harder as the onus has moved away from the agencies looking, and more to the client looking.

Dealing direct with companies is no easier, one job can have thousands of applicants and take months to filter them out, by which time either the applicant has found a job or the role itself is redundant.

So I ask how to make this better?

Maybe the method of writing a resume needs to change? I will say i found better luck on services such as Linkedin than Monster or Reed in my job searching recently, where the jobs are based on your profile not your resume?

Maybe the search engines need to be changed?

Maybe the idea of Big Data could start looking at the industry and help?

Something has to change, as right now the tech which is supposed to be helping is just making it slower for all concerned in the chain..


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