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Why Flipboard is better than Feedly as an RSS replacement.


Feedly is getting a lot of press as being the new drop in replacement for Google Reader recently, however I (unlike the millions of new users they have acquired) find Feedly to be a little too controlling. There is an interesting alternative..

It’s worth noting that I’m an iPad addict I use it for 90% of what I need to do, and it does it well, I’m also an obtained of information.. I was looking as many people are for a replacement for Google Reader for managing my news feeds and for the last week or so have been recruiting my Reader experience in Google+ circles.

Since the release of the new iPad app reading this information, has been a nice experience if a bit lacking in some areas..

One thing which has been interesting is the interaction with the news stories, rather than just reading them I’ve got to engage a lot more with people and discuss opinions on the stories, sometimes good sometimes not so.

For me this IS social media, it is what it’s is all about, and the big tech sites Verge, Lifehacker, Engadget, Ars Technica etc all publish to G+ what I’d get on an RSS feed.

However the G+ IPad app is still as I said lacking, notifications, I will see I have 100 when I start reading only the last 20 get highlighted for example, also as G+ is (as was ponied out by one irate G+ user to me) a stream not a feed it is possible to loose news quite easily in the App.

It then occurred to me that Flipboard has G+ support and it does it really well, I added my account to Flipboard and added each of my finely curated circles as a cover story, so I can read them at my own pace more like a feed than a stream. I’m still notified when there is new content and can add those few sites which don’t have G+ sites yet into my Flipboard feed.

This as an IOS user suits me fine, I still get the social interaction AND I get great control over what I’m reading, more than Feedly is able to provide.


5 comments on “Why Flipboard is better than Feedly as an RSS replacement.

  1. @feedly
    April 2, 2013

    hello. This is Edwin from feedly. Would love to get more detail about what you mean by controlling and how we could improve the feedly experience. You can reach me at We love candid feedback so do not worry about hurting our feelings. -Edwin

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  3. hello
    April 3, 2013

    I agree with you, Feedly is falling short in many ways. I currently use WordPress reader, but I don’t like their iOS app, plus the new UI hasn’t added much value to the reader. Flipboard has always been AWESOME and recently seems to have gotten way more awesome. I wish there was a way to import an OPML file into Flipboard and take it from there.

    • projectzme
      April 3, 2013

      I’d agree the import issue is one of the reasons I use g+ as the feed supplier

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