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9 Things Microsoft Does Right – ReadWrite

M$: Short for Microsoft, used to imply Microsoft cares more for money than it does for security, stability, and anything else that could make a good Operating System.” – Urban Dictionary, 2004.”Microsoft sucks.” Too many times, the conversation stops there.Yes, Microsoft gets plenty of criticism, much of it justified, on everything from its nasty attacks on Linux to the failings of its latest operating system. Along the way, Microsoft has helped write its own narrative as a money-grubbing monopolist – old, litigious, out of touch. For Petes sake, it took years for Bill Gates to recognize the potential of the Internet.But thats only part of the story. We too often overlook the many things that Microsoft does right: its philosophy of open research; its willingness to adopt and contribute to open source; even its willingness to admit when its wrong. The case here is not necessarily what Microsoft does best, but what it does well, what it deserves to be recognized for, and what we generally overlook.

via 9 Things Microsoft Does Right – ReadWrite.


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