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10 Amazing Milestones of Early Computer Animation


This past weekend, you relived the wonder of Jurassic Park and remembered the first time you saw convincing CG effects on screen. But Jurassic Park built on a long legacy of computer innovation, more than a decade and a half of on-screen computer effects. Here are 10 landmarks of early CG, many of which still look great.

Chromosaurus (1985)

Pacific Data Images (PDI) got bought by DreamWorks Animation and produced films like Shrek and Madagascar. But originally, it was just a company started in a garage owned by founder Carl Rosendahl’s father. They did a lot of work for TV companies, including Brazilian TV — but in the meantime, the company allowed its employees to create lots of short films for fun, several of which won major awards. And this one in particular stands out, because of the cool-looking chrome dinosaurs and the realistic motion. And the boppy 1980s soundtrack.

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