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First it was how we listened, now its how we watch


There was a phenomenon in the 80s where portable stereo systems, or boom boxes would get bigger however by the end of the decade true portability of the Sony walkman won out.. Is what one happened with our audio now happening with our visual?

For the last 10 years or so our TVs have been changing first it was the wooden box which you watched go from Black and White to colour with the queens coronation being the first live broadcast in Colour back in 1953

The TV has come a long way, first the screens went flat, still a CRT device but a flat screen then screens started getting larger 21″ to 30″ then larger, during this process the CRT unit got replaced by the thinner Plasma and LED screens, and as they got larger and thinner..

We arrive in the 2010s this ultra thin TVs which you can hang on an entire wall, upto 60″ should you be a soccer player or unemployed.. Which can display picture in picture in 3d at 4K resolutions…

You’d have thought this would be the future of our audio video entertainment was it not for a rather strange phenomena of portability makes things smaller. Just like the music industry before it the visual industry is needing to learn that despite giving us the highest visual quality ever seen, we are actually watching more and more TV on tablets and phones than ever before, at lower resolutions which can be stored or streamed on those tablets.

The music industry had to learn that the MP3 was the consumers choice and the video creators may have to come to terms with MKV being the container of choice like it or not.

Services like BBC iPlayer, Lovefilm, and Netflix are getting this new wave of watchers and where services like Spotify, Rdio Last.FM and Pandora have reduced music piracy went before they are putting dents into video piracy.

Of course in these early times the same lessons need to be learnt, you have to have all of the content to be the winner, or at least 90% the fragmented marketplace is killing at the moment, but one will rise..

So as we move forward and are again trained before the killer product arises, screen sizes of 8″ and 4.5″ are the new battle field…


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