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Is Ubuntu’s future being dictated by people who have little knowledge of it..?


Canonical have a plan when it comes to Ubuntu and right now of all the major Operating Systems out there Ubuntu has a more clearly defined cross device infrastructure than any of the other big players. However this may not be enough, in a recession where the “no one ever got fired for buying IBM” mentality is rife…

Ubuntu has a clear vision, the same desktop, OS, interface on any device,phone, tablet, laptop, desktop or TV, the same applications will work on all of these devices as well. Compared to both Apple and Microsoft this as very different, Apple has IOS for mobile platforms and TV and OSX for the desktop and Microsoft, well Microsoft have a myriad of choices which all hark back to a phone platform which is out of this world and a desktop platform which isn’t quite sure what it is just yet..

Ubuntu’s vision will win it many plaudits, however as Palm showed us with WebOS, being a solid platform, means nothing if you cannot get the hardware support.

The Ubuntu desktop has over the last few years has been on a branding exercise where it doesn’t
so much as let go of its roots as its fair to say its proud of being a Linux OS, it has however done as much as it can to make itself the product, not the Linux under the hood. It’s look and feel is very different from any other Linux distro, it’s support pages are friendlier,it’s been working with big players such as HP, Dell. Nvidia to ensure hardware compatibility, it’s been clawing at the server market each time building a brand..

The problem however is, for all the hard work Ubuntu is doing, getting its name out there, people like me, sysadmins are only half the battle, the other half is Middle Management, this is a far bigger battle, this is.a battleground where the players don’t want to lose face, this is a battleground where you use only the idioms and acronyms others are using.. In this battle ground safe is good, safe keeps your job, sticking with what you know is good.

These are the people who happily tell you at the water cooler they prefer OSX however in the meeting rooms will back Windows 8 all the ways because they read an article on Business Insider or because they are a disrupt or on the register… These are the people who tell you the iPhone is the only viable business smartphone platform, and the same people who cannot ever trust an OS who uses a penguin as a mascot..

Within software companies these are the people making clear decisions, sure they are happy to have a few focus groups, which are really just round tables where they try and get people who might not think the same way to back down, while cherry picking good slogans, acronyms and ideas as their own later, however when it comes to crunch time it’s safer to back Microsoft on the desktop and Apple on the mobile..

These are the people Canonical needs to be targeting if it is ever going to move forward, these backward thinkers.. Ubuntu moving forward is primed for huge things, 2 years ago the corporate wasn’t ready, I believe today it is, VMware, Citrix, smartphones, the surge nice of acceptance across the board for non Windows devices all make for a more savvy workspace, and Ubuntu fits right into it…


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This entry was posted on April 15, 2013 by in Linux, Ubuntu.
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