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What tablet should I be looking to buy in 12 months time?


While most people will probably ask me the question what tablet or phone should I buy now? I am half way thought a 24 month contract with 3 for an iPad 3.. So right now I’m looking at what should I be keeping an eye on in 12 months time rather than now?

I am actually very happy with the iPad, it serves me well as my primary computing device, I sold my MacBook Pro, and have a chrome book for when I absolutely must use a keyboard. However from my point of view I have never been one to follow the masses, I was a palm owner way before you got your smart phone, I was using android back when the version number had a 1 at the start, and got the iPad the day after it came out.

I really do get mobile computing, in a way others just don’t seem to, I can think of two people who went to the US and both came back with IPads and I’m willing to bet one uses it as an an MP3 player and the other maybe checks the Internet on it.. Maybe.

I work mine to bits, I write php code on it, I use it for file management on my home servers, I use ssh, watch TV, write this blog, I read books, listen to music, I access social media, listen to podcasts, I edit photos, take photos upload photos to the web.. I use it for everything..

However I am not adverse to change, I have an android tablet, I made the mistake of getting one with a keyboard, biggest mistake any tablet user can make is hooking it up with a keyboard, Steve Jobs was right on that one..

There are some basics any new tablet needs to provide me..

Battery Life

The biggest thing a device has to give me is 10+ hours of battery life, out of the box so to speak, without that its pointless, I’m not near power for most of the day but I need the device to be ready when I need it.


I made the huge mistake of buying a wifi only iPad, and it’s one of the reasons I don’t use the android more, because its wifi only. 3G is the only viable communication medium. When I say 3G I also mean 4g which my phone has and is amazing… Always on Internet connection is a killer app all on its own, it still amazes me that most other tablets I see in phone shops are wifi only..

Core Apps

I don’t need a billion apps in an App Store, I have a Nokia Lumia 920 and its great, it has the core apps, the social media, travel assist, remote access and media stuff I need.. Microsoft have a point when they state it’s quality not quantity of apps which will make the difference, I hate the way apple charge for an app even if its crap, no refund. That needs to change, start offering refunds on terrible apps and the quality will get better..


I jailbreak my iPad and will do every time, because I love the customisation aspect and tools on Cydia, the Android platform has this in spades with launchers icon sets and themes… Bing a little different is always nice..

To work on its own

This final one is another big one, I don’t have a PC to plug my device into activate it, the device is my PC. Thankfully Apple stopped doing this, and hopefully Microsoft will too, Samsung are a bit of a nightmare with Kias on the Galaxy phones as well..

So what am I looking at?

Well lets face it Sir Ive needs to give the iOS platform a major facelift, it’s looking old these days and losing customers because of that. The Apple hardware has great build quality and does work well, it’s just, well when your mum buys an iPad it’s time to move on..

Android like IOS is looking long in the tooth and needs a freshen up, it also needs to get its shit together with the malware, more negative headlines could kill this platform if its not careful.. Also Android and big screens, it might be me, but it just doesn’t seem to work, there seems to always be an abundance of under used real estate..

Microsoft could do much worse than releasing WP8 rather than its big brother on an 8 inch tablet, the phone based OS far out performs the dire desktop sibling on the go.. I think the tiled interface done the same way as the phone could work and might also get a few more of the corp app developers on board as well.

Then there is the one OS which is exiting me, Ubuntu.. This idea, of total convergence across all platforms if pulled off could be the biggest thing of the next 10 years, there are lots of ifs however, it needs to be marketed well, it needs to be promoted to CIO and CTO level staff well, it needs to break from the shackles which define Linux as an also ran, it does however have wings and can fly..

ChromeOS has the potential to also be interesting on touch, I will admit I like to desktop version and can (and do) live in the cloud/web so I’d not be adverse to hardware I could put into developer mode and possibly run Ubuntu touch on at the same time..

Other than that there isn’t much in the market place which excites and that’s not good for the next 5 years if Apple, Google and Microsoft continue to dominate.. Because we will get more of the same. point increases in versions, more apps, cheaper hardware, android winning the race to the bottom..


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