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Google Glass, it’s the next stage


Take a look at this photo, because its the next evolution in technology, you may think nah, that won’t catch on.. It will..

Technology is supposed to make our lives easier, yet for every good idea there are those which just make life more of a pain, ever “spoken” to one of those phone systems which replies Bucharest when your surname is Smith, ever tried to pay for parking when in a hurry using SMS? And really, why does your remote control have 60 buttons when you only use 6 at most? These are all examples of not technology failing, but technology leaning and as any teacher should tell you, making mistakes is how we move forward..

For each of these systems which just don’t work I also have to consider the ones that do, the Internet is the most obvious choice it has changed so much, it changes how we communicate its far easier to keep in touch with family on an adhoc basis half way around the world, how we work.. Far more people are working from home more regularly as we’ll as many other areas such as education, medicine, commerce etc the Internet is now part of everyone’s lives, I love seeing my 80+ year old grandfather on Facebook, being in touch with people maybe he thought he would never see again that’s the power of the Internet.

However there is much much more than this, the tech world was in the doldrums for 10 years, I call it the XP years because Microsoft owned the landscape nothing much really changed except one small thing.. By the time Windows Vista came along everyone was “on the Internet” at home with a PC.. Ironically this strangely elongated period of nothingness actually provided the non geek world with a consistent unchanging platform from which a handful of computer users at home turned into billions of home users over a 10 year period, people look for that consistency and inadvertently Microsoft gave it to them..

This mass migration to the desktop PC has in turn provided a period of innovation unseen since the time Gates, Jobs and Wozniak were all starting out.. We have had the smartphone revolution untether us from our desktop PCs then the start of the age of the Tablet where interestingly Apple knowingly or not have taken a leaf out of Microsofts book and provided their typical level of consistency which in turn has seen my Mum join the Church of Jobs and own an iPhone and an iPad, she however is not doing this because of some admiration of Apple or Steve Jobs, she has found a technology product that works (when she has her glasses on)..

This innovation however doesn’t mean we are not still learning, voice recognition, character and image recognition, interface redesigned allowing us to move from the mouse and keyboard are all still areas where we are moving forward in our understanding.

And that brings me to the photo at the top of the page, those funky glasses the guy is wearing could be, no lets be honest should be the next evolutionary step in the personal computing world. It might be the Palm Treo, it might be an IPad sales wise only time will tell it will cause conversation in only the way that the unknown and new does. I remember being told again, by my Mum how she didn’t see a need for a mobile phone, an object she can’t live without now, technology is about understanding that “need”. Google Glass I believe does that..

So what is it? It’s that little block of glass on the blokes spec, that’s a James Bond style heads up display linked (I believe) via your phone to your google account. If you use specifically an Android phone you can take video and photos with Google Glass, put them straight up on you Google+ account (not got one? Get one you are missing out) if this was all it could do I’d be worried, Daily Mail style worried the thought of Paedos and all sorts of nasty people spring to mind. However before the Internet these people existed, before the printing press too.. Theses people although sick are a minority and I argue “do we turn the whole Internet off, to stop people like that?” No, it’s too important.. So we deal with it in other ways..

I digress, photos and videos however are not the only trick this pony can do, it links into many other google services, Google+ for example, Google Maps, Gmail there are also 3rd party apps the usual suspects Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, four square.. These all point to something very interesting which could happen to the Internet..


Imagination running for a moment local is huge, I come out of an underground station, I can see augmented local services, taxis, bus stops, coffee shops.. Expanded into bus timetables, maps, directions, street view style. I’m at a function, I can’t remember someone’s name, facial recognition pops up a Facebook profile, I can remember the person.. I see a beautiful photo normally the time of reaching into my pocket and getting my smart phone out that squirrel, reflection, fluffy cloud, duck on bicycle are gone.. Not with Google Glass..

Putting my imagination back into the hamper for a while, I can tell you it’s voice controlled, not natural speech just yet, however google are working on the widest number of accents getting the commands so no more dodgy phone system. It’s AD free the rumour is google could fund this with a percentage of online purchases in the same way Apple do with iTunes’s and the App Store. No price set however a sweet spot seems to be £300.

Why do I think this is so important? Simple interface evolution we have untethered from the keyboard and are so mobile right now, this is the next logical step, it’s less restrictive than a mobile in so much as you can carry on looking at someone rather than the phone..

I understand the possible issues, privacy, misuse, other social problems I stand by my statement that all technology when it hits mass market comes with problems, Facebook, twitter, books, tape cassettes, VHS all brought their own issues.. But we didn’t cut the head off the flower because of them..

What do you think? Is this the next step? Is it the next iPad? Is it just another geek fuelled flop?


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