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If your going to disrupt the Status Quo, you’ve got to think different..

mark-shuttleworth-2Mark Shuttleworth has the potential of being this Generations Steve Jobs and he is planning on doing to Ubuntu what Jobs did for Apple. He seems to be taking that think different philosophy Jobs had with Apple and applying it to the Linux Distribution he sponsors Ubuntu.

Shuttleworth plans to take on the Big boys of Apple and Microsoft and give them a run for their money and he has already fired the first salvo across the bows of the OS giants. One Linux across all platforms, no need to recompile, cross compile, no OSX/IOS ChrowOS/Android bridge.. One OS.. Many platforms..

Shuttleworth has taken Linux out of the Geek Only world and plonked it square into the consumers eyeline..

It’s a gutsy bet. He’s basically taking on Google’s Chrome Browser, ChromeOS andAndroid OS. And then there’s iOS. Not a job for the faint of heart. In a recent interview with GigaOM,  Shuttleworth said a key Ubuntu advantage is that its basic code really does run everywhere from itty-bitty mobile devices to big iron. No Android-Chrome OS divide here.

“The core of Ubuntu that runs on the server is the same as on the phone and that’s a wonderful resonance,” Shuttleworth said. “We’ve done  pioneering work to put server Linux on ARM chips and the core of those ARM chips is the same for servers as it is for smartphones,”  Shuttleworth said.

Admittedly, it’s still early days for running ARM servers in a production environment — my colleague Stacey Higginbotham reported that Baidu is doing it — for storage — but few others are. But the need for energy-sipping servers is not going away. And ARM servers address that demand.

Read the full interview at

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