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Is Apple about to revamp IOS? Hope so..



Apple are, if the tech blogsphere is to be understood correctly, on the very of a radical new Sir Jonny Ive inspired revamp of the IOS interface, moving away from using pictures of calendars and phones, and stitching around the edges of apps and bringing the OS Interface into the world which has radical, but accepted interfaces such as Windows 8 (Which Ive himself has lauded publically)

To be honest, its about time, and the rumours are the interface will be “flattened” but still intuative for new users (Just like Windows phone 8?)

This has the potential of leaving Android for dust and really change the next few years for mobile desktops.. if its true..

Since the beginning, Apple has set the bar for good design, which is reflected in the majority of what you find in its iOS App Store. But as the iOS platform has aged, new design trends have emerged. The faux-leather texture on the Contacts app, or the wooden bookshelves on iBooks and Newsstand were welcoming and familiar six years ago. But like smartphones, they are no longer new. And as a design philosophy, the overly textured look that incorporates real-world objects is becoming less necessary in a world where mobile computers are more familiar than ever.

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