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The industry is heading for disruption again..


Back in April 2010 Apple released the iPad onto the world, the idea of a tablet wasn’t new Microsoft had been peddling touch screen tablets for 10 years in one form or another. The iPad however disrupted the industry to a point where 3 years later PC sales are down, tablet sales are rising and many industries have grown off this now mainstream technology..

Well that’s all about to change again…

There are two very different technologies currently in the developer stage of their life cycle, they have left the lab, been released on the world but not to the public. Both technologies are offering very different things to the world but both are going to change how we use and think Bout computers.

The first is Google Glass, a single monocle if you like of glass that works with gestures and voice and provides you with information just above your eyeline. This is very early days for this technology so much so I’ve heard it being akin to those first desktop PCs which appeard in big companies back in the late 80s, they did a few tasks, the graphics were not great but we all knew that the box connected to the dot matrix was going to make our life better. That is Google Glass, right now the developer units have terrible battery life, low quality displays, don’t really display a great deal. But they offer a promise of a wider world, of a future where others will copy the idea just as they did the iPad and someone is going to provide that killer app..

Mark my words this will be huge, the privacy campaigners won’t have a leg to stand on when consumer demand ramps up..

However this isn’t going to just change how we use the Internet, it has the potential to change search from something we look for to something we are told.. We will be informed before we look for something.. It is also going to rock the advertising world, in app advertising will be dead in less than 5 years, advertising will be linked to the new way of searching.. Your hungry, we know you like hamburgers, product placement will tell you around midday where the best food places are..

The second technology is Ubuntu..

Seriously, Ubuntu.. Not Linux, Ubuntu..

Right now you have a phone, a laptop, a smart tv? Different apps written by different developers spending time developing for each platform. Lets take spotify.. They need to write 3 apps, one for each of those platforms, that’s possibly 3 developers.. Ubuntu is about to change that..

Ubuntu has a plan, the same application, the same file will install on your TV, laptop, desktop, phone or tablet. One single file, no need for one file for each platform.. That might not sound like much to you or I, for a developer or dev house that’s big..

Now don’t be fooled Apple will happily tell you IOS is the same operating system as O.sX under the hood, it may be but a package written for you MacBook Pro won’t run on IOS, the same goes for Microsoft, a windows 8 package won’t run on a windows phone 8 or windows rt device..

However as disruptive as this is, this isn’t for me the biggest trick Ubuntu has up its sleeve, that’s the one device philosophy.. You carry a mobile smart phone, it has all your contacts, it has mail, it has your life on it, you get home or to the office and you turn on the laptop.. Why! Your phone has cores, ram and storage as good as a low end laptop.. We can run the same apps, so why not dock it and get a full screen Ubuntu desktop which has all the data your phone has on it.. And a built in 3/4g modem to boot…

I promise you Apple, Microsoft and Google are watching this.. Very closely.

Technology is about making the world a better place, shaking the status quo, building on what we know. Just like that old PC with the dot matrix printer, it may take a bit of time, but we know it will make a difference..


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