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10 Google Chromebook tips, tricks and tweaks


The world of the Chromebook means changing just a few of the ways you work. So it’s useful to see posts like this which help in changing that workflow for the better. These are fantastic devices and a few changes shouldn’t hold you back.


I have been using a new Google Chromebook(s goog) — specifically the Samsung Series 5 550 — since I bought it for $449 about a month ago. For the first week, I was alternating between a capable and portable two-year-old MacBook Air(s aapl) and the Chromebook, but for the past three weeks, I have been a happy full-time Chromebook user. Along my Chromebook journey, I have found a number of little tips, tricks and tweaks that both improve and personalize the experience.

Before I share them, note that I’m not trying to convert anyone to a Chromebook, nor am I suggesting the Chrome OS is the best solution for you. It works for me because it fits my workflow nicely and without the distractions or extra features my work efforts don’t require. If Windows(s msft), OS X or a Linux distro works for you, then clearly, that’s what you…

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