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How i would like to use Google+ and my Photos


With Google’s announcement today that 3 become one when it comes to storage space, and its all Google Drive now rather than Google+, gMail and Drive. I got to thinking in to what Google could add to Plus to expand it and take it to places Facebook can’t even imagine going.


Stop trying to be facebook

Facebooks not dead, but its not offering me anything.. It’s an old product, with a staid idea which has the possibility of going very stale very quickly, social media has morphed into something different, we know we like the idea of hearing what people we respect say, we know we like the approval of our peers on content we create. We also know that we all don’t look the same and require our own stake in the sand, of little corner of the web. We are after all individuals not a collective. Google have a great ecosystem that has features its slowly pulling into G+ however maybe its time to start looking at 2020, and not what has been.. Creating the next generation of the social web.

What did Tumblr do well?

The profile page of Google+ is similar to the static look and feel of a Facebook Page, the one site which does this very well is Tumblr, with it’s portfolio pages. A whole business has spun up for Tumblr Theme’s, sites like WordPress also do the same thing.

Google could do a lot worse than offer some customization to its look and feel of the profile page, there is no reason why it can’t, and shouldn’t carry on using the same infrastructure in the back end.

Profile pages could display communities, pages, galleries the works, al with +1 symbols, geo tagging, sharing, comments etc.

Let me be me, not Google..

Again, much like the aforementioned Tumblr and WordPress and many other sites offer custom URL’s so rather than the catchy for my profile page i can have my own URL or a subdomain of that to extend my site.

You’ve given me the space, now help me tag my Big Data..

With all that extra space, and G+ now allowing the uploading of full sized images, it would seem an obvious place with Google’s Tagging, Commenting and searching systems not to provide a photo backup service, not necessarily a gallery. I have thousands of photos I don’t want all of them displayed, but i do want them backed up. Tagging all those photos is a nightmare I’m sure Google could simplify this for me, and in doing so create a huge index of world wide photos which could (with the owners permission) go towards enhancing other services such as Google Maps, Google Earth etc.


I’m obviously taking this from a photographers point of view, i currently use 500px, a great service, for my better photos and make use of the portfolio pages. I believe Google could be doing this, as well as taking on Tumblr rather than Facebook in a slightly different slant on Social media. I think Tumblr had the right idea but sort of fell down into a black hole a while back.. Google Plus could become Tumblr for grownups, if that is what you wanted from the service, or it could become your webpage, you photo gallery, your stream of life, whatever you wanted it to be.

Social media isn’t what it was 3 years ago, Facebook may have more users than Apple has apps, but more and more people are looking for a social web location, their stake in the sand, which they can customize and look how they want to but still be part of the larger collective. Who stands out in the world of the Facebook page? no one, if you are a brand you want to stand out as well BUT still keep those great social underpinnings of community and groups..

I for one would happily move my blog, photos, feeds all over to Google+ if i could customize it a bit more.. Blogger isn’t the worse product in the world, and could be migrated into the ecosystem..

What do you think? Good idea? load of tosh? What would you like to see Google+ do?



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